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Super Shimmies & Shimmy Layers

Teacher: Sedona Soulfire

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2017-07-25 05:51:26 2017-07-25 06:51:26 America/Los_Angeles Super Shimmies & Shimmy Layers Super Shimmies & Shimmy Layers http://daturaonline.com/super-shimmies-and-shimmy-layers http://daturaonline.com/super-shimmies-and-shimmy-layers

Video Description: Shimmies are one of the most impressive yet challenging movements in a belly dance repertoire. In this workshop we will go through a clear and concise break down of the Egyptian style hip shimmy and shoulder shimmy. We will dance through an extended shimmy session to help increase the endurance and velocity of your shimmy. Finally, we will begin to add exciting and challenging shimmy layers and level changes. The workshops begins with a full-body, classical dance based conditioning workout; designed to create a long and strong dancers body.

American Cabaret Any Style Technique Hips Shoulders Isolations Shimmies Hipwork Body Region Movement Technique Tools 01:10:26

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Hurray! by Doe on 7/13/13

Great way to start the day! I made it to 56 minutes! A personal best for me! Love, love, love this one Sedona.

A big thanks! by Christine on 11/1/12

Thank you Sedona! You're a wonderful teacher!

Morning Shimmie! by Susie Q on 9/10/12

What a wonderful way to shimmie into a new day. I loved how this class was challenging, fun and really have to say the opening of this class was truly beautiful, what a way to set the tone as well as my morning. Thank you. <3

What a class!!!! by CYNTHIA on 9/4/12

I look like Robocop, but I enjoy every time I do this class!!! Thank you, Sedona!

Mid-day Shimmies! by Colette on 8/21/12

Whew! Mid-day shimmy drills with Sedona Soulfire on Datura Online - just what I needed to get through the afternoon.
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