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Strong and Stable Spins

8 Weeks | 2 Sessions per week | 20 Videos | All Levels


Learn a variety of spins and gain confidence turning with this immersive program.

Spinning requires time, technique, and determination. This practice will guide you through the fundamentals of all kinds of spins and turns from classical Indian style spins with Colleena Shakti to fusion spins with Zoe Jakes. It also includes additional spinning spotlights and combinations that highlight turns, as well as complimentary stabilizing and grounding warm ups and cool downs.

By developing good technique and habits, this program will help you experience the true joy of spinning, which has inspired dancers of all styles for thousands of years. We've repeated certain classes throughout the sessions so that you can concentrate on executing the spins in an increasingly familiar way. You'll need a bottle of water, a veil (although you can practice the spins without the veil), and a yoga mat nearby. (Ginger tea might be a nice compliment to this practice as it helps some with dizziness).

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strong and stable spins

How to Begin

For this program, you'll need a yoga mat, water bottle and safe surface to spin on.

To get started you can click on any of class titles below.

To browse class descriptions, click on the week and you can read more about each class. For a printable version of this program click here to download and print a copy for your practice space.

Practice Tip

For each mix and match session, all videos are in one playlist - one continual class. Click on the playlist link to start your session playlist, OR click on each week in the program navigation bar below for an expanded view, and watch the videos one at a time.


In this program, one session per week is a longer session, while the other is a short and sweet 30 minute session to keep you in the game. Go as slow as you need to, but the main goal of spinning is to just go for it and have as much fun as possible. Remind yourself that it's okay to feel a little dizzy, take a few deep breaths, smile and try again. Soon any nervousness and fear will subside, as you help your body become more comfortable. You will eventually be able to feel the bliss of spinning! Also, you can help train your mind to be comfortable with spinning and become inspired by watching others spin (honestly this works!). This 8 week program will help you get on the right track to mastering your spins. We hope you enjoy it!

Tips for Spin Practice:


- Make sure you have plenty of room and a very stable surface for spinning (not too sticky, not too slippery).

- If you are wearing socks, make sure your heel is exposed so you can maintain grip for stopping quick when you need to.

- Drink a glass of water 10 minutes before spinning and take deep breaths during your warm up. Hydration and oxygen are key.


- Ginger helps with nausea (tea, candy, chopped fresh is best!). It's a good idea to have some handy.

- Gently jumping up and down, evenly on both feet, also helps with dizziness by balancing your equilibrium.

- Do not lie down immediately after intense spinning. Sit down and rest your head in your hands for stability if you are dizzy and just breathe, count to 10, or sing a song!

- If you keep your core (abdominals) strong it will keep you more balanced, which will lead to less dizziness.

- Spinning takes time: you can and will get better. Dizziness will disappear after diligent repetitive practice.


Strong and Stable Spins : Week 4

Session 1

Playlist (1:06:32)

North Indian Classical Spins and Arms - Preparation: Tune In and Ground Out

Session 2

Playlist (30:34)

Warm Up for Balance and Core - Veil Technique Mini # 3 - Seated Cool Down

You are doing great so far! How is your spinning technique coming along? What have you been noticing about your spins? Are you more comfortable with them, or are you getting used to the dizziness? Make sure you are drinking lots of water and giving yourself lots of praise! Spinning can be challenging, but you are doing it! This week we'll be reviewing Colleena’s North Indian Classical Spins workshop, so really dig in and give your very best to all the spins in the workshop. We’ll also be learning some new spins with the veil from Sedona this week. We think you’re ready, so let’s go for it!

Week 4, Session 1 : Playlist (1:06:32)

Online Belly Dance Lesson

North Indian Classical Spins and Arms

Controlled, precise spins are the goal of this workshop and relevant for the beginner, as well as the advanced dancer. We will begin with a grounding Vinyasa Krama Yoga routine and establish arm patterns with a Kathak classical dance inspired drill. Spinning techniques from North Indian classical dance will lead the way into short spin combinations on an eleven count Hindustani rhythm. An endurance spinning drill is also included to practice spinning for greater durations. Be ready to push through to the next level no matter where you are with your dance. Suggested attire is a large spinning skirt and dancing barefoot is ideal for this class. Be sure the floor surface you are dancing on is appropriate for fast spins so as not to risk injury.

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Preparation: Tune In and Ground Out

In this short spotlight you will be led in some pre-dance breath work and visualization. This is a wonderful practice designed to assist you in becoming calm, centered, and present in your body. By tuning in and tapping into your breath, the energies of your body, and the space around you, you will be ready to shine bright! This is a beautiful way to begin any dance practice or performance. It is also extremely helpful in combating stage-fright and nervous tension. This spotlight is from Sedona's "Interesting and Innovative Isolations" workshop.

Week 4, Session 2 : Playlist (30:34)

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Standing Warm Up

This brief, simple belly dance warm up requires no mat, and is designed to warm up the legs, arms, abdominals, and back. This spotlight is from Ashley's Tribal Fusion workshop: "3/4 Shimmy Variations & Layers".

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Veil Technique Mini: # 3

In this belly dance spotlight, Sedona Soulfire covers classic veil movements including butterfly, frame 1, frame 2, tulip, barrel, helicopter, back butterfly, up and over, and the superstar. This is section three of her 20 part veil workshop: "Sublime Veil Technique and Choreography".

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Seated Cool Down

Sedona will lead you through a short but sweet, post-dance, seated cool down. This spotlight is from Sedona's "Goldmine: Bold Vintage Cabaret Movements, Class #1".

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