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Start it Up

30 Days | 2 Sessions per week | 25 Videos | All Levels


So... You've never belly danced before, or you are a beginner level belly dancer brand new to Datura Online. Welcome!

This 4 Week course is designed to get you acquainted with a) basic movements in the main styles of belly dance and b) many of our fabulous Datura Online Teachers.

You'll finish the series knowing a little bit about a lot of things, and we hope this introduction can guide you to find whatever teacher or style is calling you most!

This program features two sessions per week:

One session will be a full class with one of our teachers. This will be a complete class straight through, with warm up and cool down included. Each full class is from a different dancer.

The other session is our mix & match compilation of a complete practice using various segments on our site from multiple teachers. You will get a warm up, technique segment, and a cool down. Each session is around one hour.

For this program, you'll need a yoga mat, water bottle and zils.

How to Begin

You can rent classes individually, rent a session playlist, or activate an unlimited access membership to access all classes in this program for one low price.

To get started, click on any of class titles below.

To browse class descriptions, click on the week and you can read more about each class. For a printable version of this program click here to download and print a copy for your practice space. You also can bookmark this page for easy access later.

Practice Tip

For each mix and match session, all videos are in one playlist - one continual class. Click on the playlist link to start your session playlist, OR click on each week in the program navigation bar below for an expanded view, and watch the videos one at a time.

Start It Up : Week 2

Session 1

Playlist (36:55)

Warm Up for Balance and Core - Posture Pointers for Tribal Belly Dance - Tribal Fundamentals Spotlight - Zil Drill Spotlight # 2 - Cool Down

Session 2

Playlist (46:09) 

Beginning ATS®: Class 1 - Speaking the Language

Welcome to week two! You’re doing great. This week you’ll meet Colette Todorov and she will introduce you to American Tribal Style® belly dance, an improvisational group-oriented style developed by FatChanceBellyDance in San Francisco. Amy Sigil will give you some insight into the idea of improvisation as a language to help you better understand Tribal style belly dance.

In the mix and match session this week you will warm up with Colette and get some posture pointers to prepare you for Tribal Belly Dance. You will be introduced to zils, or finger cymbals, an exciting component of ATS®. Sedona will lead you through a cool down to end the session.

Week 2, Session 1 : Playlist (36:55)

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Warm Up for Balance and Core

This warm up focuses on a few dance and yoga based balancing exercises, as well as a great series of ab conditioning. Perfect for beginning any belly dance practice. This spotlight is from Colette's "Beginning ATS®: Class 8".

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Posture Pointers for Tribal Belly Dance

Tribal Style belly dance is known for its uplifted posture, which supports and carries the body and results in a strong, confident presentation. These pointers breakdown the specifics of posture and explain how great posture can improve dance technique and presentation. This spotlight is from Colette's "Flamenco Inspired Movements for Group Improvisation" workshop.

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Tribal Fundamentals Spotlight

Basic movements provide a strong foundation for any belly dance practice and are the starting point for variations and complex layering. This spotlight focuses on proper technique for three fundamental slow movements in tribal style belly dance, Taxeem, Reverse Taxeem and Bodywave, to ensure a dramatic presentation and prepare for advanced variations. This spotlight is from Colette's "Flamenco Inspired Movements for Group Improvisation" workshop.

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Zil Drill Spotlight # 2

Zils add a wonderful dimension to any belly dance performance, providing excitement and a celebratory feel while highlighting the rhythms in the music. As with any musical instrument, it takes time to develop a level of proficiency and technique to allow you to play while dancing. This spotlight reviews the basic Triplets or Longa pattern, then introduces two zil patterns that may be used while dancing or while riffing with the music: the 3-1-3-1-3, which matches perfectly with Saiidi or Beledi rhythms and the 3-5-5, a fun syncopated rhythm. They are drilled individually then played together in a fun and challenging zil drill. This Tribal Style spotlight is from Colette's "Beginning ATS®: Class 5".

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Cool Down

This brief cool down is wonderful to do after an extended shimmy session or any vigorous belly dance practice. This spotlight is from Sedona's "Super Shimmies & Shimmy Layers" workshop.

Week 2, Session 2 : Playlist (46:09)

Learn Belly Dance

Beginning ATS®: Class 1

This beginning level ATS® class introduces basic slow moves including posture, taxeem, hand floreo and reverse turn, and presents four fast moves: Arabic, Shimmy Step, Egyptian and Choo-choo. A zill pattern is paired with the fast moves and drilled. We start with a warm up and end with a cool down.

Online Belly Dance Class

Speaking the Language

PepTalk: Sigil's way of keeping you thinking and imagining, this short "peptalk" is not only meant to help get your head in the game, its also a great way to start the day. Let's talk about improvisation as a language. This spotlight is from Amy's "Full Lesson 1: Unmata's Level 1 Slow ITS - Taxeems" class.

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