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Sinuous and Smoky Phrases

Teacher: Rachel Brice

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2017-07-25 05:56:40 2017-07-25 06:56:40 America/Los_Angeles Sinuous and Smoky Phrases Sinuous and Smoky Phrases http://daturaonline.com/sinuous-and-smoky-phrases http://daturaonline.com/sinuous-and-smoky-phrases

Video Description: This belly dance workshop will teach you some of the gooey-est fundamental movements in Fusion vocabulary, and, when done regularly, will increase the strength and flexibility in the upper back and lateral muscles. It includes a warm up, three phrases: Bodywave, Side to Side Undulation, Sidewinder, an improvisation section including those phrases, and a cool down for flexibility. Enjoy!

Fusion Technique Vocabulary Isolations Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 01:22:33

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For the second time... by Jiy Atheris on 4/23/16

If you want to feel beautiful into your little body, do this class!!! It's a pleasure for me to do it because I'm a "Serpentine"-and-"Arms and Posture"-DVDs-baby and this kind of drills missed me so much. Can't explain the kind of witchcraft I find every time I have to make the Sidewinder... All my troubles fly away ^^ Exquisite as always!

Tribal delight by Jiy Atheris on 12/22/15

Yummy yummy !!!! *-*

GRACIAS POR PENSAR EN NOSOTROS by Shaira Nayeli Cadena Martinez on 11/11/15

Muchas gracias esto es un maravilloso trabajo y se nota que ustedes quieren que los demás aprendan. se me hace una labor muy humana para con esta bella arte que es la danza. Ahora puedo practicar desde mi casa, después de tiempo que por mis actividades no pude mas, esto me cae de maravilla m

Whew! by Tamara on 6/13/14

I've done this one just three times and it is good every time, though I am still challenged especially by the floor glut shimmies and will continue to improve. What a work out.

Great schedule ever by Penpak on 1/18/14

So thankful for Datura website....you(i mean me or everyone) really can get everything from this website :-) so so happy. That I'm get on this website :-) Thank a lot Rachel you are so great. :-x Nuch

Wow, What A Wonderful Challenge! by arfa saira on 12/10/13

OMG, this is a challenging first ever class with Rachel - I LOVE her style and she explains things so well. I know this is going to mean daily practise and daily drilling to get this to even look half as good as Rachel - the undulations were incredible to watch and I have really really enjoyed this class. I'm aiming to do the whole workshop 3 times a week and do the individual segments daily on alternating days...if anyone else has any ideas of how I can maximise this other than doing what I am, please feel free to let me know. Other than this, I LOVE it!

Yay! by CS on 1/1/13

Love this class! So much to work on and so fun!

Great class! by Rebecca on 9/29/12

Love this one!! The explanations are great, now I've got tons of new ideas for practising!

Sinuous and Smoky Phrases by Morganna on 9/23/12

I liked this class best, please make more choreography combos please :)

love this site! by Kaia on 9/19/12

Thank you, Rachel... for being such an integral part of this site. I hope to come and train with you in Portland sometime ( I am in BC, Canada) YOU are the reason I dance.

Sinous and Smoky Phrases by Jesmia on 9/8/12

This is a great workshop! It was challenging and fun. I especially love the side-to-side undulations.

Sinuous and Smoky by Laura on 8/14/12

My favorite class thus far is the Sinuous and Smokey Phrases class. YAY.

Sinuous and Smoky Phrases by Victoria Martinko on 8/8/12

I absolutely love this video! It is the first video I have used on this site and after trying a few others it is still my favorite because it really challenges me and gives me a lot to work on in my everyday dance. Thanks so much!
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