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Shimmy Train: 3/4 Shimmies and Variations

Teacher: Rachel Brice

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2017-06-28 17:27:33 2017-06-28 18:27:33 America/Los_Angeles Shimmy Train: 3/4 Shimmies and Variations Shimmy Train: 3/4 Shimmies and Variations http://daturaonline.com/shimmy-train http://daturaonline.com/shimmy-train

Video Description: Learn, clarify or refine your physical understanding of several variations of the 3/4 shimmy and their different musical timing. Rachel starts from the beginning, with a clear lesson and practice for 3/4 work on the up and on the down, and then teaches variations for each. You'll finish with a technique combination (with some challenging choo choo shimmies thrown in) that includes all the variations and some complimentary arm movements.

Fusion Any Style Datura Style™ Technique Fundamentals Hips Footwork Shimmies Hipwork Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 01:50:04

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Turnout! by Nicole Mann on 5/20/16

Finally! Thank you so much for the suggestion that a turnout might actually help. I can finally get my 3/4 shimmy moving the right way, and it feels great! <3

ShimmyLand's my CandyLand! by Joanna Ashleigh on 5/16/16

Such a fun workshop! I love the lengthy drill at the end. Perhaps someday we can have that quad-burnin' warm-up broken out and spotlighted all on its own? That'd be swell. Thanks Rachel + DO!

Rachel Brice:

That's a great idea, I'll check with the boss! MWAH!

Absolutely brilliant by Crystal on 11/23/15

Thank you so much for this... your instruction was perfectly clear, right down to your John Wayne Walk correlation. This helps so much! And THIS, my dear sweet beautiful Rachel, is why you are my all time favorite dancer. <3

Rachel Brice:

Oh good! So glad it was clear.

Glorious! by Jennifer on 7/3/15

!!! I tried 3/4 shimmy at my ATS classes but my hips wouldn't go any faster, something was left. I know it would have gone better with practice but this has been glorious, I can do it! My body understands it!! I feel so great right now! Rachel you make it so clear and beautiful, I love you!! <3

love these drills!! by kylah on 6/28/15

Yes Yes Yes!!! Just at my level - we need more videos like this!

Rachel Brice:


great workout for shimmies by Beatrice on 6/18/15

Thank you so much, this is a great workout at the same time focussing the consciousness on the different options of shimmies to make them really clear, very inspiring and so enjoyable!

Rachel Brice:

Awesome, so glad it was fun AND clear. Always my two main goals. Thank you!

Just what I needed! by Eleanor on 6/17/15

Ahhhhh!!! I was JUST watching some of your other videos, trying to figure out how I could get my 3/4 on the down and Overshimmies to look like yours. Its like you read my mind! The instruction is clear, concise, and the cool down left me feeling open and relaxed. Thank you so much! <3

Rachel Brice:

Yesssss. Eleanor I'm so glad it left you feeling open. And we take requests, so let me know what else you're working on that I could help with!

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