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Shimmy Quartet Workshop

Teacher: Sedona Soulfire

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2017-07-25 05:56:42 2017-07-25 06:56:42 America/Los_Angeles Shimmy Quartet Workshop Shimmy Quartet Workshop http://daturaonline.com/shimmy-quartet-workshop http://daturaonline.com/shimmy-quartet-workshop

Video Description: This American Cabaret Style workshop covers 4 different types of shimmies: the choo choo, the waggle shimmy, the Turkish front back shimmy, and the freeze. It includes a warm up with a very unique seated shimmy drill that will help you gain the muscle memory needed to execute stellar shimmies. Each shimmy is broken down, drilled and then finally put into one extended drill based combination.

American Cabaret Fundamentals Hips Shimmies Legs Body Region Movement Elements 01:29:44

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Big sweat by Sofia on 6/5/14

This is one of my favorites, your classes Sedona keep getting on my top list,I love them, great teaching technnic, great clothes, great attitud, great workout its just perfect,

For Diana by Sedona on 5/10/13

Thanks D!! First I love your comment title - he he he, I need your help naming workshops!! Yes shimmies are a challenge, but like with anything, get better with time (assuming there is some practice happening during that time : ) The top is OLD SCHOOL, I got it on Maui about 12 years ago, but I think the brand may have been Danskin, I cut the tags out! Happy Dancing Diana!

A shout out from Sedona! by Sedona on 5/10/13

Hello Dears! I'm so glad you like the class, I have to admit this was one of my favorites to film : ) Anjali ~ Glad you are finding yourself able to relax more into your shimmies - this is fact a very important component ( in shimmies, dance, life - everything) ahhhhh relax and breath right? : ) Have fun dear and shimmy on!

Super dooper shimmies!! by Anjali on 5/5/13

Thank you Sedona for this nice and deep shimmie lesson. I keep smiling and feel more relax now with my shimmies! With love Anjali

shimmies de-mystified yet still full of mystique! by diana on 4/28/13

Love this class. I find shimmies the hardest aspect of belly dance, so this is a perfect complement to the shorter shimmy spotlight, which is a favorite. Thanks for your great energy! PS Gorgeous top too - may I ask where you found it? Diana
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