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Shimmy Power Up

1 Week | 7 Sessions | 19 Videos | Int/Adv


Does your shimmy machine need a tune up? Take it into the shop for a quick overhaul. In just one week, fine tune your drills and boost your technique in less than one hour a day. In this program we'll drill various shimmies including 3/4 shimmies, the choo choo, turkish front-back, classic Egyptian style, traveling with shimmies, and shimmy layers, complete with some fun and energetic combinations. This program is designed for intermediate-advanced dancers looking to kick their shimmies into overdrive!

This program features seven sessions of mix and match Datura Online classes in one week. Each of these sessions will run 45 minutes or less.

Pro Tip

This program is designed to give you a big boost in a short period of time. If you're into this kind of challenge, try to commit to doing this power up in one week. You're also welcome to try the sessions in this program at your own pace - stretching it out for as long as you'd like, and repeating any of the sessions to your heart's content.

If you're loving this routine repeat any or all of the sessions until you feel like you've gotten the most out of it. Repetition is key to understanding and fully embodying dance movements, so keep it up and you'll notice the results. In any case, it's your shimmy machine and you're in the driver's seat!

Shimmy Powerup

How to Begin

You can rent classes individually, rent a session playlist, or activate an unlimited access membership to access all classes in this program for one low price.

To get started, click on any of class titles below.

To browse class descriptions, click on the week and you can read more about each class. For a printable version of this program click here to download and print a copy for your practice space. You also can bookmark this page for easy access later.

Practice Tip

For each mix and match session, all videos are in one playlist - one continual class. Click on the playlist link to start your session playlist, OR click on each week in the program navigation bar below for an expanded view, and watch the videos one at a time.

Shimmy Power Up : Overview

Session 1

Playlist (30:58)

Shimmy Warm Up and Seated Drill - Shimmy Layers- Cool Down

Session 2

Playlist (40:23)

Relaxed and Layered Shimmies - Calming Cool Down

Session 3

Playlist (40:48)

Drills for 3/4 Shimmy Preparation - Basic Traveling with 3/4 Shimmies - Cool Down for the Lower Body and Spine

Session 4

Playlist (30:35)

Power Shimmy Session - Shimmy Queen: Combo #1 - Post Shimmy Cool Down

Session 5

Playlist (44:09)

Standing Warm Up - Shimmy Quartet Drill - Shimmy Cool Down

Session 6

Playlist (27:54)

Shimmy Drill Warm Up - Shimmy Queen Combo #2 - Cool Down for the Lower Body and Spine

Session 7

Playlist (24:56)

Quick Aerobic Warm Up - Shimmy Queen Combo #3 - Cool Down

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