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Shimmy Mania!

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Who is not crazy about shimmies? In this program you'll get to shimmy to your heart's content, working on mastering more shimmies than you can shake a hip scarf at.

Anyone who has tried to shimmy for more than 30 seconds knows it’s so much more than just shakin’ your booty. Here we’ll break down the finer points of multiple styles of shimmies including the fundamental Egyptian knee shimmy, the 3/4 shimmy and it's variations, the big and loose Waggle shimmy, the Freeze, the Choo Choo, shoulder shimmies, the Turkish front-back shimmy, and more.

With detailed instruction from five different teachers, this program focuses on learning to control the speed of your shimmies, isolating your shimmy in different regions of the body, and working with shimmy layers, all in under an hour per session. Build stamina with extended shimmy drills, build the strength you need to power your shimmy with complimentary fitness spotlights, and bring it all together to wow the crowd with impressive shimmy combinations and sequences.

This program is fun to try at any level, but is geared toward experienced dancers. You'll start by reviewing some basics then move quickly into layers and combinations. Learn all the tips and tools you need to achieve the easy, powerful, controlled shimmies you’ve always dreamed of.

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Shimmy Mania : Week 3

Session 1

Playlist (43:52)

Warm Up for Belly Dance - Drill Bits: Shake It (Part II) - Crazy Shimmies - 3/4 Shimmy Variations: Samiha - Cool Down for the Lower Body and Spine

Session 2

Playlist (52:51)

Daily Dose: Arabic Shimmy # 1 - The Freeze Shimmy - Post Shimmy Cool Down

Session 3

Playlist (56:24)

Power Shimmy Session - The 3/4 Shimmy Up and Down - Shimmy Queen Combo # 3 - Cool Down for Length and Balance

We'll up the ante this week in preparation for a serious shimmy drill combination, complete with shimmies on top of locks, undulations, and traveling steps. You'll continue learning new kinds of shimmies and review some essential shimmy technique.

Week 3, Session 1 : Playlist (43:52)

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Warm Up for Belly Dance

This belly dance warm-up will prepare you for slow and sinuous movements. It can be used with other videos or all on its own. Included are side strengthening and stretching movements, as well as a dose of hip work. This spotlight is from Rachel's Tribal Fusion workshop: "Sinuous and Smoky Phrases".

Online Belly Dance Class

Drill Bits: Shake It (Part II 00:22:36 - 00:30:22)

In this 30 minute danceable drill and combination session, Ashley will get you moving by focusing on shimmies! You will practice shimmies as isolations, in the shoulders, hips, as flutters, 3/4 shimmies, and also with traveling steps, turns, and Tribal Fusion layers. Please make sure you warm up and cool down before and after this belly dance practice.

Online Belly Dance Class

Crazy Shimmies

This shimmy uses the "magic muscle", known by the Chinese as the "lower dan tine", to create a loose and free shimmy reminiscent of the famous Egyptian dancer, Fifi Abdo, but used in many countries in the Middle East and North Africa. This spotlight is from Tamalyn's "Brain Teasing Complex Hip Movements" workshop.

Online Belly Dance Class

3/4 Shimmy Variations: Samiha (1:17:16 - 1:22:06)

Jamila Salimpour named this step after a dancer she'd seen in New York. It is a variation of the Hagallah, performed with one foot flat, and the other in a forced arch. One of our favorites. This spotlight is from Rachel's "Shimmy Train: 3/4 Shimmies and Variations" workshop.

Online Belly Dance Class

Cool Down for the Lower Body and Spine

Ashley will take you through a brief cool down designed to stretch out the body after a dance practice. This cool down focuses on stretching the legs and moving the spine. This spotlight is from Ashley's "Raq It! Belly Dance Fitness Class".

Week 3, Session 2 : Playlist (52:51)

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Daily Dose: Arabic Shimmy # 1

Get your daily dose! The daily dose is a short, efficient practice that has what you need to keep your belly dance technique strong, even if you have a crazy schedule: yoga, drills, a short phrase combination, a focus, and a cool down. This daily dose is part of the Rachel's Tribal Fusion "Arabic Shimmy" Series.

Learn Belly Dance

The  Freeze Shimmy

This spotlight will break down and drill a wonderful Egyptian shimmy variation, the freeze. This spotlight is from Sedona's "Shimmy Quartet Workshop".

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Post Shimmy Cool Down

A wonderful post shimmy cool down that slows the heart rate and stretches the hips and legs. This belly dance spotlight is from Sedona's American Cabaret Style workshop: "Shimmy Queen: Shimmy Layers, Variations & Combinations".

Week 3, Session 3 : Playlist (56:24)

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Power Shimmy Session

This challenging power shimmy session will help to build endurance, strength and grace in your shimmy. You will hold a strong Egyptian shimmy while layering upper body work using 2 – 5 pound hand weights. You will then be guided through a few intermediate shimmy layers. This high energy shimmy class will give you a great workout! This spotlight is from Sedona's "Shimmy Queen: Shimmy Layers, Variations & Combinations" workshop.

Learn Belly Dance

The 3/4 Shimmy Up and Down

This spotlight breaks down the 3/4 shimmy on the “up” and the “down” and includes a traveling combo with a 3/4 shimmy, at three increasing speeds! This spotlight is from "The 3/4 Shimmy with Ashley Lopez".

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Shimmy Queen Combo # 3

This extended drill based combo features traveling hip locks, undulations, and ¾ shimmy layers. This shimmy combination is from Sedona's "Shimmy Queen: Shimmy Layers, Variations & Combinations" workshop.

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Cool Down for Length and Balance

This cool down will work on focus and awareness. It stabilizes the low back and lengthens the spine with some gentle forward bending and centers you to prepare for practice with some yoga inspired balance-oriented poses. This practice can also be used for a warm up. This spotlight is from Rachel's "Serpentine Scales: Pinball + Sugar Workshop".

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