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Serpentine Scales: Pinball + Sugar Workshop

Teacher: Rachel Brice

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2017-07-25 05:48:01 2017-07-25 06:48:01 America/Los_Angeles Serpentine Scales: Pinball + Sugar Workshop Serpentine Scales: Pinball + Sugar Workshop http://daturaonline.com/serpentinescales-workshop http://daturaonline.com/serpentinescales-workshop

Video Description: This belly dance workshop will introduce the intermediate student to two technique phrases called “scales.” These phrases can be used for improvisation or choreography, as well as being strong technique drills. They are introduced individually, then practiced together in a combination. You will drill undulations, rib cage circles, maya, side to side undulations, a simple lock pattern, and a more complex isolation pattern. This Fusion class begins and ends with a brief warm up and cool down.

Fusion Technique Hips Vocabulary Isolations Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements Scales 01:29:07

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Nice warmup! by Artemisia on 4/30/17

Part of the warmup seemed very Horton dance- inspired! Loved it!

Awwww by Jiy Atheris on 12/21/15

How do you want me to work seriously on it when I am kind of groupie-like "oooooh Madaaaaame!!! C'est trooooop beaaaauuu" for every step you do ? All the moves are wonderful and perfectly break down. I'll do this workshop tonight ! Thanks RB <3

Rachel Brice:

Ha ha ha! Well thanks. That's very sweet.

Improvement by Tamara on 3/7/14

I did this one several months ago and did the whole workshop today. I have a better understanding of it now and can almost do the fast part flawlessly. Thank you!

Just Katie by Katie on 3/17/13

I love your Pinball Slither!! It feels soooo yummy! Happy spring time!

Wow... by Rachel O. on 3/11/13

... that was amazing! Tough work while doing it but now I feel refreshed, my solar plexus is open (for business ;)). Thanks you very much!

Fun! by Anne M. on 1/26/13

That was fun! Thanks RB!

* by Anjali P. on 1/26/13

Great!!! And now shower!

<3 by Rocio R. on 1/26/13

me encantaaa!

Sooo good. by Joanna A. on 1/26/13

Sooo good. Luff the warm up. Xo.

Love it! by Michelle H. on 1/26/13

Can I say how awesome this workshop is!!?? Every question I had about PinBall, or Sugar was answered and drilled, AND put in a short choreo. Thank you so much!!!

awesome!! by zoe on 1/25/13

i love sugar!! this whole class was perfect, the dance is fantastic and the yoga super-helpful :))))) thanks!!
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