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Sadie's Technique Toolkit: Layers + Isolations

Teacher: Sadie Marquardt

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2017-07-25 05:52:02 2017-07-25 06:52:02 America/Los_Angeles Sadie's Technique Toolkit: Layers + Isolations Sadie's Technique Toolkit: Layers + Isolations http://daturaonline.com/sadies-technique-toolkit-layers-and-isolations http://daturaonline.com/sadies-technique-toolkit-layers-and-isolations

Video Description: In this workshop Sadie will share with you the keys to creating clean and relaxed isolations and layers. This workshop includes several challenging combinations focusing on layering movements of the chest and hips, exploration of dynamic patterns and shapes with the pelvis, hips, and chest, and creating crisp and dazzling pops and locks with accented hipwork. Sadie will breakdown the technique details and drill movements and combinations at various speeds providing opportunities for dancers of all levels to stock up on tools for their technique tool kit! Please make sure you are warmed up before beginning and cool down once the workshop has finished.

American Cabaret Classic & Egyptian Drills Technique Hips Ribs + Chest Vocabulary Isolations Hipwork Undulations Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 01:23:07

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Amazing !! by Aimee on 3/10/17

Sadie is really an amazing teacher! I don't even consider myself an intermediate dancer and I got a lot out of this without feeling lost or overwhelmed. Loved it!

Great practice by Laurie on 10/8/15

This is so awesome on so many levels. Discovering sticking points in layers and transitions and drilling them out is what I'm working on, thanks for this.

I LOOVVVEE THIS!!!!!! by Dallas on 4/25/15

This was such a great video! Just the perfect amount of challenge! I have a hard time with lower and upper body layering, and after doing this only once, it's already helping! I love her teaching technique and how she is constantly reminding you of how one part of your body should be feeling and what it should be doing while your working on the other part of your body.
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