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Rhythmic Intelligence : Arabic Rhythms & Combinations

Teacher: Henna

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2017-07-26 03:46:18 2017-07-26 04:46:18 America/Los_Angeles Rhythmic Intelligence : Arabic Rhythms & Combinations Rhythmic Intelligence : Arabic Rhythms & Combinations http://daturaonline.com/rhythmic-intelligence-arabic-rhythms-combinations http://daturaonline.com/rhythmic-intelligence-arabic-rhythms-combinations

Video Description: A solid understanding of Middle Eastern rhythms is an essential part of any belly dancer's repertoire. This workshop introduces five rhythms and drills movements to highlight the prominent sounds in the rhythm. The rhythms featured in this workshop are: Hagallah, Malfouf, Maqsoum, Maqsoum Sareea, and Ayoub. Drilling these moves will get the rhythms into your body and evoke classic musicality in your dancing.

American Cabaret Classic & Egyptian Combinations Musicality Hips Footwork Vocabulary Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 01:33:16

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She makes it look easy! by Melissa on 2/25/17

So fluid, graceful, and earthy! I love watching you, Henna, and it's so helpful when you break the movements down and repeat them. Keep up the good work!

Love It! by Shilpa on 12/15/14

I totally fell in love with all of it!! Once it all comes together it looks so beautiful..I want to put all of that into my body :)..In hopes that if I keep watching you, maybe Ill get some of that grace by osmosis..stay blessed.xX

Fantastic class ! Hope for more! by Mila on 9/22/14

It's a great class, detailed, easy to follow, and it gave me a lot ! Thank you a lot dear Henna, and Datura Online ! I would like to ask for more classes in similar subjects, connected with classic egyptian bellydance, and musicality ! I will be very happy to follow :)

More please by Berbara on 7/30/14

I learned heaps! Hope there will be more of these classes.

yay! by Kaia on 7/21/14

Love this ... really appreciate the detail given in this class :)

Love Daturaonline by Penpak on 7/14/14

Love all the teachers and classes...the teaching is so clear...love it. Thank you so much. PS. Henna is so lovely...love her class.

More Please! by Marcella on 7/14/14

Been waiting for something like this! I hope this will become a series!

Yes! by Joanna A. on 7/13/14

YES! Just what I needed!!! Thanks DO! !!!!

SUPER by Sarah on 7/13/14

SUPER excited about this! I love Henna's instruction!

student by Minna on 7/11/14

Great class from Henna!I Always wish more classes from her because even I love all styles of belly dance. Egyptian style is my personal favorite:) Love daturaonline because you always put out more new stuff and have great teachers:)
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