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Teacher: Ashley Lopez

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2017-06-24 14:02:57 2017-06-24 15:02:57 America/Los_Angeles Restorative Yoga Restorative Yoga http://daturaonline.com/restorative-yoga http://daturaonline.com/restorative-yoga

Video Description: This is a very slow-paced, gentle, restorative yoga practice. In this class, each pose is supported by various props and is held for several minutes. An emphasis is placed on breath work, a sense of calm and relaxation and a meditation-mindset. This class is designed to deeply stretch the muscles and break up the fascia so while the poses are supported and are taught slowly, they can still be quite intense. Students are encouraged to take each pose at their own pace, use props which make them comfortable, and listen to their bodies.

Yoga Back Cool Down Floorwork Stretch + Strengthen Body Region Movement 01:10:24

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Soooooo restorative! by Paola PiBi on 1/10/17

My favorite practice after the Holidays! Thank you Ashley :D

Yummy! Yummy! by Sandalwood on 12/18/16

This was a delicious treat on a snowy Sunday morning. Thank you, Ashley!

Wonderful by Monica M on 11/1/16

Wonderful class... exactly what I needed!

My Sunday morning ritual by Kim Jacobs-Beck on 12/6/15

After a week of sitting in meetings and driving a lot, I need this deep stretching approach to yoga. When I don't do it weekly, I definitely notice its absence. Thanks, Ashley! I use your videos more than any other Datura instructor's--yoga, conditioning, Pilates, and tribal fusion!

Ashley Lopez:

Thank you so much, Kim! I know what it's like to get stuck sitting in the office and traveling around in the car or plane. It definitely pays off to move around afterward!

Some constructive comments by Andrea on 8/26/15

I mean this comment as both very loving, constructive criticism, and also a note for folks who may be considering renting this class and are looking to do restorative yoga because of physical disabilities or joint pain. I've been practicing yoga causally for 20 years and have mild autoimmune arthritis, lower back issues, and have never been a limber person. I found most of the poses chosen in this class to be extremely uncomfortable. If you don't have much flexibility, forward folds are crazy uncomfortable, regardless of the number of blocks or blankets you put in front of you. That on top of back problems can just cause muscle strain. I fast forwarded through the class to see if another section had more gentle poses, but then just decided it wasn't the class for me! I'd love if you all had an iyengar-type class or in other types of yoga classes had a second person doing modified poses behind Ashley with blocks and straps and such. That would maybe make it all more accessible for people who aren't as amazingly flexible as you all are! Thank you for all your hard work and the lovely classes!

Ashley Lopez:

Hi Andrea! Thank you so much for taking the time to give us some feedback. I am glad you are listening to your body and if forward folds aren't right for you, you should certainly avoid them (and you would not be alone!) Certain spinal directions may be contraindicated entirely for individuals with pathologies such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, osteopenia, spondylolysis/spondylolisthesis, stenosis, disc degeneration or herniation, and a myriad of other conditions and the specifics depend on each person (i.e. was the herniation anterior? Then one might be encouraged to avoid spinal extension or backward bending.) Regarding limited range of motion, the props can certainly be helpful, and I sure would love to have many people on camera demonstrating all the possibilities with props. If there is limited ROM in the hips, hamstrings or lumbar spine, forward folds can be mighty difficult, and placing blocks under the knees may help, or sitting up on a pillow or bolster to elevate the hips. For my seniors, I will have them do their forward folds in chairs--not on the floor at all. So again, it's very individual and I encourage everyone to find the best option for their body. Although a few supported backbends and twists are present, this practice is particularly heavy on the forward folds as they're intended to be soothing and introspective (energetically), but that may only work if you can get to a place that feels comfortable and nourishing. I do love Iyengar, but am not an Iyengar instructor. Perhaps we can get someone out to do a few Iyengar practices!

Lovely! by Mariana on 6/21/15

I've just done this practice in the evening after a busy day and it feels really lovely! I'm loving Ashley's yoga classes!

Delicious! by Lisa on 5/27/15

Thank you for this beautiful class. My body thanks you.

Thank You! Great for dancers with injuries. by Natasya on 4/2/15

Thank you for posting a yoga video suitable for us older dancers who might have multiple injuries over the years! Your other yoga videos were too hard for me but this one is perfect.

Ashley Lopez:

Wonderful! Will try to do more like it. :D

:) by Shilpa on 1/22/15

Its so soothing to take this journey with you ..This kind of yoga is very helpful for PMS as well..Thank you so much for this video x

Maja Andersson by Maja on 1/16/15

Thank you, Ashley! great class, so relaxing!

re: heat by Ashley on 1/10/15

Great idea, Kim!

Heat by Kimberly on 1/3/15

One prop I found a delightful addition to this practice on a cold winter's day was a flax pack (it's like a pillow filled with flax seeds that you can microwave) -- I put it over my feet in many of the poses to keep them toasty warm and help me relax even deeper into the poses!
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