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Raqs Henna: Egyptian Style Choreography

Teacher: Henna

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2017-04-24 07:00:49 2017-04-24 08:00:49 America/Los_Angeles Raqs Henna: Egyptian Style Choreography Raqs Henna: Egyptian Style Choreography http://daturaonline.com/raqs-henna-choreography http://daturaonline.com/raqs-henna-choreography

Video Description: This Egyptian inspired American Cabaret Choreography showcases some of Henna's favorite Raks Sharki movement: fluid traveling steps, juicy hip work, musical combinations, and dramatic accents. Beginners will build a vocabulary of footwork and musical phrasing while more advanced dancers will sink into the nuances of that Egyptian belly dance feeling. This piece moves through a few different rhythm changes, so listen close!

Classic & Egyptian Musicality Choreography Hips Body Region Movement Elements 00:52:37

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Teaching Technique by Dary Herrera on 2/14/17

I love the way she explains this choreography, I have problems with space orientation so therefore I get frustrate pretty easily and give up and go back to my weights, but the tools on this site and the professionalism of this women are amazing!

Absolutely stunning by Krystal on 1/12/17

I love your aesthetic choices. You have such impeccable taste and elegance. And the choreo feels sooooo beautiful to do!! It's totally luscious.

Please do more! by Tina on 5/10/16

Love this choreography! The Egyptian style and music is stunning and really helps showcase the technique you teach in other videos. We want more! :)

Lovely by Natasha on 4/26/16

I love this Choreography. Henna explains every step so well. Love love love it

Its beautiful.. by Shilpa on 2/25/15

I am out and out a tribal person but this choreography has made me fall n love with the Egyptian style of belly dancing..love the combinations of all that travellin and arm movements.Thankyou for this :) x

Cairo 8 by Sam on 3/28/14

Hi Eva: To answer your question, the Cairo 8 is a move that Henna teaches in her "Classic Egyptian: Technique Workshop". You can also find it detailed in this segment: http://daturaonline.com/the-cairo-8

Ms. by Eva on 3/27/14

Can someone please help me understand what a "cairo 8" is? Does it go by other names?

Or a puppy... by JENNIFER on 3/25/14

I love this choreography. Everything I seem to gravitate towards when I improv is here. I can't wait to finish learning it. Plus I love you talking about dreaming of a puppy I giggle every time. :)

Dancer by Jhavia Nayeli on 3/17/14

A beautiful and challenging choreography. I hope I'll be able to execute it gracefully.

Dancer by Bella on 3/11/14

What a great choreography! It's very elegant and classic. I would have liked a few more L/R cues though - when learning something at a fast pace like this, I tend to get a little mixed up when watching the instructor and the mirror :)

Dancer, Teacher, Illustrator by Kumari on 11/4/13

This is such a lovely choreography! Thank you so much, Henna!

Thank you! by Henna on 8/9/13

Thanks for your comments everyone. If you perform this piece I would LOVE to see it!

Such a fun choreography! by Joanna A. on 6/3/13

I really loved this fun and fast paced choreography! It was refreshing to sink my teeth into something a little different from my normal tribal fusion aesthetic.

mrs. by darcy on 6/2/13

Fun choreography! :)

YAY! by Celine on 5/31/13

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