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"Raqs Assaya": An Original Choreography

Teacher: Henna

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2017-06-26 17:30:31 2017-06-26 18:30:31 America/Los_Angeles "Raqs Assaya": An Original Choreography "Raqs Assaya": An Original Choreography http://daturaonline.com/raqs-assaya-choreography http://daturaonline.com/raqs-assaya-choreography

Video Description: This raqs assaya choreography combines elements of Egyptian raqs sharki, American Cabaret, and Saidi into a dynamic and fun dance. Basic assaya technique will be used to frame or accompany earthy hips and Saidi footwork. Since we are adding a prop to belly dance movement, this choreography is best suited for dancers with a solid foundation in basic belly dance. Please be sure to warm up before starting this choreography.

Classic & Egyptian Choreography Props Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 01:09:55

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Hooray by Natasha O'Donnell on 6/5/16

I can't wait to add this to my list. So excited..

So exited to try it! by Liberty on 5/27/16

I have often silently wished that DaturaOnline had some Assaya. Thank you, Henna! Looking forward to this!


Wish granted! :)

Yay! by Omega on 5/26/16

Challenging and fun! I will definitely perform this. I've done a lot of cane and this was a breath of fresh air. And thank you for your comments on musicality. :D


You are very welcome, Omega. It's nice to get out of our usual movement patterns. I hope to see you perform it sometime :)

Ms by minna on 5/25/16

Looks really fun saidi class:)My absolute favourite ones on bellydance are saidi,shabby&baladi and hope you will do them all:)Its great how often you put here new great videos:)Thank you so much!


I also love the folkloric stuff, Minna. You're welcome!

OH YAY!!!! by Ciara on 5/25/16

I love love love this beautiful choreography - it's exactly what I was looking for. Hooray I can't wait to start it....an excuse to break out my new sparkly saidi cane :-) THANK YOU X

You read my mind! by Siobhan Camille on 5/25/16

I was literally thinking just yesterday how I'd love to see more saidi on here! I have a few saidi DVDs, but am way more inclined to work with online classes than put a DVD in (no idea why, haha!). Hooray!!

Assaya! by Morgan Fay on 5/25/16

I'm so excited to work with assaya! Thank you Henna, this choreography looks really fun!
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