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Raq It! Belly Dance Fitness Class

Teacher: Ashley Lopez

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2017-07-25 05:47:27 2017-07-25 06:47:27 America/Los_Angeles Raq It! Belly Dance Fitness Class Raq It! Belly Dance Fitness Class http://daturaonline.com/raq-it http://daturaonline.com/raq-it

Video Description: This belly dance class is designed for the dancer who is ready to pick up and GO! We begin with a brief warm up and quickly move into a series of drills and short combos that are meant to be danced through fluidly. Here is a class with well rounded movement where you just follow the leader, turn your brain off, and get your heart rate up. We're dancing for the joy of it, rather than breaking down each individual step. A great way to supplement your technique oriented work, here you can apply your knowledge to some fly-by-fringe fun!

Fusion Any Style Conditioning Movement Technique Tools Elements Cardio 00:57:31

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Love, Love, Love! by AiReCa on 8/4/15

My work schedule is getting crazy so I've been afraid that I would have to strike a sorry compromise between my dance technique classes and my fitness classes, but this class let me have both! I drilled combos and broke a big sweat at the same time! This class is great!

PERFECT by Autumn on 5/31/15

That was just the right combo of drilling technique and cardio. This is my favorite video on Datura- thank you so much, Ashley!

Doctor by Lisa on 3/28/15

That was excellent! So much fun, thank you.

Happy happy sweating by Karin on 10/15/14

So joyful! Ashley, you nailed it. This is exactly what I was looking for,

YES! by Kaia on 3/25/14

THAT was freakin' AWESOME!!! More more more...!! Love your classes, Ashley! xo

I'm in love! by Tyra on 3/20/14

Absolutely in love and a liiiiittle bit out of breath <3

Grinning!!! by Tracey on 2/18/14

Loved loved loved this class! Smiled from start to finish (yep, even when I could barely breathe!). Thanks Ashley!!!

<3! by Joanna on 2/2/14

Loved the combo's Ashley! Thanks for a fun class! x. ~Jo

great class style! by Akire on 1/23/14

I love the style & presentation of this class! Do more like these!

Great workout! by Leana on 1/7/14

Great workout! Super cute combos too!

awesome by Trinda on 1/6/14

Did it! Loved it! Thanks for being so awesome!

Fab Workout by Sacha on 1/6/14

Great class, Ashley, I absolutely loved it. Just the right combination of easy and complex moves/transitions to really get the heart pumping! Great start to the New Year for me! Thanks! Will definitely do this again!

! by Tracy Z. on 1/6/14

This class is so. much. fun.

Fun! by Bebhinn N. on 1/4/14

Lots of fun, and just the right amount of fast-paced... Thanks for turning on the heat on this snowy day!

Super Fun Class!!! by Sara on 1/4/14

This class was awesome and super fun!!!!! Thanks so much. I've been wanting a class like this :-) Looking forward to another one! Great playlist, too.

yay! by Diane on 1/4/14

Yay! Ashley! I love it, I reminds me of being in your class, wish I was still in P-town, but thankful to have your online classes. :)

really fun by Mia on 1/4/14

Just did this - really fun and can't wait to do it again. Just what I was looking for.

Absolutely awesome! by Toria on 1/4/14

This is one of my new favorite classes offered by Datura. It was nice to turn off my brain and connect myself with dancing from my heart (something I am working on). I would love more classes from Ashley like this.

:) by Lanna P. on 1/3/14

The best class I ever did!... I had so much fun! :)

Loved it! by Celine on 1/3/14

Just tried out the class. I loved it! i'm sure to do this weekly til I get it right throughout. I'm at a level where I still am not that quick at switching to different moves in a flash. This is great for me
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