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"Radioglue": An Original Choreography

Teacher: Rachel Brice

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2017-06-28 17:22:22 2017-06-28 18:22:22 America/Los_Angeles "Radioglue": An Original Choreography "Radioglue": An Original Choreography http://daturaonline.com/radioglue-choreography http://daturaonline.com/radioglue-choreography

Video Description: This challenging Fusion Belly Dance choreography is built for a soloist or any size group, would make a great opener or closer for a longer set, or could stand on its own as a single piece in a larger show. It demands a lot of strength and flexibility, and includes laybacks, drops, zippers, torso rotations, level changes, some layering and a lot of hipwork. This is a contemporary take on a style of music that is usually reserved for a traditional Turkish man's dance.

Fusion Musicality Choreography Hips Back Body Region Elements 00:56:52

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Hi Rachel i am from Mexico and i am starting to learn tribal ,i was taking clases of belly dance already but when i saw you dance the first time i knew immediately the tribal dance its exactly what i want to learn! you are so espectacular! its amazing to see you dance ! thank you for share your gift with us ! and for me its the only way to learn because in this part of Mexico no one knows tribal . Well thanks again and bye! sorry about my english .

section 3 by Melanie on 7/31/15

Hi Rachel, Love your teaching style! Thanks for all your energy to keep me dancing. I'm new to choreography and feel pretty comfortable with your radioglue... but my layback and drop don't look easy yet, so I was wondering if you could suggest another combo I could substitute in there that would fit? I'd appreciate some direction. Thanks so much. Melanie

<3 by Raine on 3/31/14

I really enjoy how different this piece is. It's a great change of pace and a good challenge.

Great piece by Rebecca on 12/2/13

Thanks Rachel for sharing!!! This is beautiful and challenging and I love the contrasts that are built in. I'll work hard to make it look beautiful on me, watching you sure is fun! Also thanks for the clear counting, at least for me that makes picking it up much easier. Really nice!!

fantastic!! by zoe on 11/24/13

i love this choreography, thank you so much!!

Thanks DO! by Joanna on 11/22/13

Thanks so much for making this dance into a DO video! It's always fun and challenging to attempt something you've seen done so beautifully on stage. <3.
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