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Ooey Gooey: Week 1, Session 2

Teachers: Rachel Brice, Ashley Lopez and Colette Todorov

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2017-06-27 05:26:37 2017-06-27 06:26:37 America/Los_Angeles Ooey Gooey: Week 1, Session 2 Ooey Gooey: Week 1, Session 2 http://daturaonline.com/ooey-gooey-week-1-session-2 http://daturaonline.com/ooey-gooey-week-1-session-2

Video Description: Session 2 of week 1 begins with a shimmy warm up from Rachel. Colette leads us through some slow tribal basics and we explore upper body flexibility with Ashley. Rachel will break down the body wave, then lead us through a yoga practice to cool down.

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For more information about the Ooey Gooey Belly Dance Program go to: Programs.

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