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New Workshop: 7/12/17

SS Impulse and Intention

Expressing emotional intention through the hands, wrists, arms, and eyes is the focus in this brand new workshop from Sedona Soulfire!

SS Impulse and Intention

Impulse & Intention

This workshop brings detailed focus to hand, arm, wrist, and eyegaze ornamentation. We will explore using the arms and eyes to contour, frame, and accent body movements, as well as express emotionality and purposeful intent. We will work through various types of arm motions with special focus on the shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints as well as different planes and dimensions in space. The workshop is full of technique, drills, and combinations to assist in making your arms and eyes a strong, graceful, and prominent element in your dance.

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New Workshop with Henna: 4/27/16

Apr 27, 2016 6:13:00 AM

New Workshop: 4/27/16

Ornament and Express

Presenting "Ornament & Express" a new workshop with Henna that explores arm, hands, and upper body belly dance technique for nuanced and communicative movement.

From basic technique to more refined expressions, this workshop will add more options and finishing touches to your repertoire. Enjoy!


Ornament and ExpressOrnament and Express: Arms, Hands, and Upper Body Techniques

Beautiful, meaningful hands and arms are powerful assets for belly dance. So many emotions can be expressed through the ornamentation and expression of the hands and arms. In this workshop we will practice everything from basic techniques of hand and arm movements to polished expression. Starting with ornamentation, then moving onto expression and finally into communication, we will explore the purposes for arm and hand movement in the belly dance repertoire.

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New Workshop: 10/24/13

Oct 24, 2013 10:13:00 AM

New Workshop: 10/24/13

Elegant and Expressive Hands and Arms with Tamalyn Dallal

We're very honored to release the first class from our new guest master teacher, Tamalyn Dallal: Elegant and Expressive Hands and Arms.

This workshop features her sought after approach to beautiful movement and technique for your hands and arms.

This is the first of hours of classes to be released with Tamalyn on Datura Online so stay tuned!


 Online Belly Dance Class with Tamalyn DallalElegant and Expressive Hands and Arms with Tamalyn Dallal

This workshop focuses on Tamalyn Dallal's signature hand and arm technique. In 6 parts, she will guide you through a multitude of elegant and expressive hand and arm techniques and combinations. This class features a short warm up, basic shapes and embellishments, variations on basic arm movements with layers, and hand and arms technique and movements from the silk road.

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