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New Workshop: 5/10/17

Layer Ladders

Ready to try out some crazy layers? April Rose builds layer combinations in the body from the ground up so you can really focus on adding complexity and teasing the brain and body with new patterns!

 Layer LaddersLayer Ladders

This workshop is all about layering from the ground up: footwork, torso isolations, and arm patterns! We'll start by integrating good posture and clean arm carriage with basic pelvic isolations. More complex isolations will be added with different dynamics and traveling floor patterns. Come back to this workshop again and again to add each new layer as you progress through your dance journey!

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New Workshop: 12/21/16

Clever Combinations

Ready for some awesome combinations designed to challenge both mind and body? Ashley is here to train with you!

 Clever CombinationsClever Combinations

Ready for a challenge? In this class we will practice combinations designed for the advanced dancer, layering isolations and shapes, sequencing movements, learning tricky footwork and drilling different kinds of spins. You will work on increasing your endurance through long drills and learning combos quickly. At the end of class you will learn one long master combination to be practiced on both sides, first slowly and then super fast! Remember to have fun with this; the video is meant to be repeatable so we hope you find it challenging enough to return to over and over again.

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