New Workshop: 6/28/17

Colette Int ATS Class #6

You asked for more ATS® classes and we listened! In this new Intermediate class, Colette will delve deeper into the world of duets, sharing moves and combinations perfect for two!

CT Intermediate ATS Class 6

Intermediate ATS® : Class # 6 - Power Duets

The strong connection between dancers is evident in ATS® Power Duets. Dancers seem to become one, read each other's mind, and do moves that other formations can't! This intermediate ATS® class follows up on the previous duet focus class with more fast movements and variations including Arabic Orbit, Arabic Crossing, Wet Dog, Egyptian Fake Out, and a versatile Turkish Shimmy Crossing/Circling Combo. Let's face our partners, dance fast, and pull out our power duet moves!