It's summer, the perfect time to get your belly dance practice on whether you are dancing with DO out in the sunshine or escaping the heat and practicing with us indoors. Looking to practice technique, build strength, and gain flexibility? Then we've got a brand new program just for you! Designed by Ashley Lopez herself, "Integrated Dance Preparation" gives you a ton of bang for your buck, focusing on belly dance drills, yoga, and Pilates for 6 weeks straight that will also prepare you for taking Ashley's in person teacher training program, Integrated Dance.

Featuring 5 sessions per week, each about an 1 hour in length, this program will help you reach your goals smarter and faster, while giving you two days of rest to relax and gather yourself for more practice! Get it!

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Integrated Dance Prep


Integrated Dance Preparation

This 6-week program is designed for students who wish to prepare physically, technically, and mentally for Ashley Lopez's Integrated Dance Part 1 Intensive. Ashley designed the Integrated Dance Preparation program on Datura Online to prepare her students interested in taking the Integrated Dance Intensive, as well as for those dancers looking to hone their technique and build body strength and flexibility.