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This Edition: Music that gets you up and dancing...


“The songs and rhythms make my body move before I know what is going on.” - Colette

The Process -

Q: What music is inspiring you to dance right now?

 The latest CD by Ilahun, a young band from Salta, Argentina is gorgeous! Unfortunately, they aren't on itunes, Spotify, etc. Instead, they sell the CDs at their shows around South America, as does one of the band members sister, Lujan. Somehow, this CD is making the rounds in China, copy by copy and many people don't know where it is from nor who created it. The Lakhdar Hanou Ensemble has an amazing Andalusian- Arabic music CD with a Chinese instrumentalist. Really great. It's called "Ne Fut-ce Qu'en Chine".

 I have found myself returning to the music I was introduced to when I began belly dancing. Specifically, Aisha Ali's field recording of The Music of the Fellahin, and the Music of the Oulid Nail. The Music of the Fellahin has songs I routinely use in class and this album gave me some of my first tastes of Middle Eastern instruments (argul, mizmar, and doumbec) and rhythms. One song that always mesmerized me when I watched FatChanceBellyDance perform to it was Saidi Dance. I have also been listening to Music of the Oulid Nail for inspiration. The songs and rhythms make my body move before I know what is going on. After taking Journey Through Egypt, I was able to place the music to a specific location, and being able to visualize who was creating the music has really helped me enjoy listening to the music in a whole new way.

April Rose:
 For ITS jam time I am loving the Dj named Kaskade (the vibe and BPMs are perfect for fast ITS!). I love to listen to Deep House and Afropop while I’m working, dancing, or pre-gaming. Lately I have been enjoying the hell out of an all-girl rock band named Savages. Their new album “Adore Life” is my anthem for staying positive and passionate in this surreal political climate.

Rachel Brice:
  The musicians that are really inspiring me to dance right now are SENOJNYAR. I just made a dance to his song “Changes”. I’ve been listening a lot to G Jones & Buku and Clap! Clap! and Eprom and Bonobo, Shlohmo, Hybris, and then I’ve also been rediscovering Ali Farka Touré quite a bit and always revisiting of course the old greats like Amon Tobin and Hossam Ramsey, Konono #1, and Kidkanevil, and Jason Ramirez, lots and lots of people. I’ve been making playlists a lot, to listen to and dance to for class and I’ve been sort of struck by how I filter through different types of music. Oh, and of course Ethiopian records, I really love Ethiopian records and I love the electronic music that’s coming out of Africa right now. A lot of it is really easily found on YouTube and Soundcloud. Also a guy named Shef out of Istanbul. Those are my favorites.


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