Participant compilations

DO Belly Dance Challenge #5 Participant Compilations

We are so impressed by what a wonderful job everyone did this year. So many of you worked hard to learn one (or more!) choreographies and it clearly shows in your presentation and technique! 

The videos below are compilations of all entries (that we could find) by Datura Online members. We are overjoyed to see so many people all over the world learning these dances with us, to see each of their unique takes on the choreographies, and we just had to share them all dancing together in one video. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

The challenge: To learn a choreography taught on our website, perform it however you like, and post it to youtube.

The goal: To share the love of learning belly dance all over the world.

"Chomper" by Zoe Jakes

"Raqs Assaya" by Henna


"Spirit of the Drum" by Sedona Soulfire

"Viaje" by Ashley Lopez

All of these submissions gave us the biggest smiles on our faces and we are so happy to see that Datura Online is working for you - in so many different places. Nothing could be more satisfying, thank you all so much! Looking forward to the next one...

If you're looking for the entries we picked for this challenge, check out the post here.