We're excited to introduce a new feature that we (and lots of you) have been hoping for: customizable playlists! With this powerful new feature your belly dance practice just got more personalized.

What are Playlists?

Playlists are a great way to organize your favorite videos or make customized mix and match practices from multiple videos and have them at the ready on any player page.

Creating a Playlist

How to Use Playlists

To get started making a playlist, add new videos any time from the player page. Create a custom name for each playlist and select save and view to get started using it right away.

Your practice at your fingertips

Playlists show up on the video player page so your favorite videos and custom practices are ready to go. You can switch playlists easily with just a few clicks.


Editing Your Playlists

Editing Your Playlists

In the edit playlist page you can change the order of videos, remove them, or move videos from one playlist to another. Just select save to keep your changes. Easy!

Autoplay = Awesome 

Playlists are set to autoplay by default, so one video plays right into the next one in your customized practice. You can turn this on or off for each playlist that you make, giving you the freedom to choose how you want to plan your practice.

Who gets to use Playlists?

The Playlist feature is available for anyone to try, but members with an Unlimited Subscription may get the most out of this feature with the ability to create unlimited lists from all the videos in the Datura Online library.

Playlists can be used by renters as well, although renters will only be able to watch the Datura Online videos that they've rented in their playlists.

We hope you enjoy this new way to make an even more personalized belly dance practice.