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New Workshop: 7/12/17

SS Impulse and Intention

Expressing emotional intention through the hands, wrists, arms, and eyes is the focus in this brand new workshop from Sedona Soulfire!

SS Impulse and Intention

Impulse & Intention

This workshop brings detailed focus to hand, arm, wrist, and eyegaze ornamentation. We will explore using the arms and eyes to contour, frame, and accent body movements, as well as express emotionality and purposeful intent. We will work through various types of arm motions with special focus on the shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints as well as different planes and dimensions in space. The workshop is full of technique, drills, and combinations to assist in making your arms and eyes a strong, graceful, and prominent element in your dance.

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New Workshop: 6/28/17

Colette Int ATS Class #6

You asked for more ATS® classes and we listened! In this new Intermediate class, Colette will delve deeper into the world of duets, sharing moves and combinations perfect for two!

CT Intermediate ATS Class 6

Intermediate ATS® : Class # 6 - Power Duets

The strong connection between dancers is evident in ATS® Power Duets. Dancers seem to become one, read each other's mind, and do moves that other formations can't! This intermediate ATS® class follows up on the previous duet focus class with more fast movements and variations including Arabic Orbit, Arabic Crossing, Wet Dog, Egyptian Fake Out, and a versatile Turkish Shimmy Crossing/Circling Combo. Let's face our partners, dance fast, and pull out our power duet moves!

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New Workshop: 6/14/17

Ashley Drill Bits: Pop It!

Who's got half an hour and wants to get some good upper body drills in? Then Ashley's got the perfect class for you!

Drill Bits: Pop It!

Get ready to move your upper body! This quick 30 minute drill class is fully focused on the chest and ribcage movement. We'll explore chest lifts, drops, slides, shapes and experiment with speed, size, and layering arms and footwork!

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New Workshop: 5/31/17

Intro to Datura Style Class 1: Hip Mechanics

Who's ready for a new class with Rachel Brice?! This class is all about hipwork on the up: bumps, swings, taxim, and glute locks. Plus you'll get some anatomy AND history, all in one video! 

Introduction to Datura Style™ Technique Class #1: Hip Mechanics

Intro to Datura Style Class 1: Hip MechanicsIn this Introduction to Datura Style™ Technique class, Rachel will introduce you to the basics of her personal format for belly dance, prepare you for the more challenging Datura Technique Studies, and show you how to improvise in this style as a soloist or in a group. Class # 1 focuses on hipwork on the up: hip lifts, bumps, the glute lock, and taxim. Rachel will breakdown all of these movements and then you will have the chance to dance them out in a fun improvisational drill. This series was designed to be used as a resource by anyone searching to clarify and strengthen their understanding of the fundamentals of Datura Style™ belly dance.

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New Workshop: 5/10/17

Layer Ladders

Ready to try out some crazy layers? April Rose builds layer combinations in the body from the ground up so you can really focus on adding complexity and teasing the brain and body with new patterns!

 Layer LaddersLayer Ladders

This workshop is all about layering from the ground up: footwork, torso isolations, and arm patterns! We'll start by integrating good posture and clean arm carriage with basic pelvic isolations. More complex isolations will be added with different dynamics and traveling floor patterns. Come back to this workshop again and again to add each new layer as you progress through your dance journey!

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New Workshop: 4/26/17

Progressive Shimmies

Let's get our shimmy on! We're excited to present this brand new workshop from Henna to get you in touch with your best personal shimmy.

 Knee Love!Progressive Shimmies

This concise shimmy practice trains the body to have impeccable timing and balance in the body. Henna will take you through several kinds of shimmies to help you find your optimal shimmy speed. All the shimmies will be put together into a condensed drill to a song that gradually speeds up in tempo, training your body to shimmy intelligently with the music and gain strong and relaxed shimmies in the upper and lower body. This class begins with a warm up and ends with a cool down.

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New Workshop: 4/12/17

Knee Love!

Treat yourself to a new Pilates and yoga routine from Ashley Lopez that focuses on strength and functionality of the knee joint!

 Knee Love!Knee Love

This workshop focuses on the health and functionality of one of our most precious assets...our knees! This workshop includes two concise practices: a mat practice which focuses on activating and strengthening the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes as well as practicing larger range of motion exercises using a chair. As with any exercise routine, be sure you consult with your physician before beginning, especially if you have had any past injuries or surgeries. Take care of your knees and they will be the bee's knees!

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New Workshop: 3/29/17

Cynthia's Tears: An Original Choreography

We are excited to present this new original choreography from April Rose, "Cynthia's Tears". This choreography is all about growth and change: how we can start at a place of self doubt and restriction and through intention cultivate ease and expansion.

 Cynthia's Tears: An Original ChoreographyCynthia's Tears: An Original Choreography

This workshop from April Rose is a chronological breakdown of an intermediate/advanced level choreography that features belly dance roots and contemporary embellishments. Set to the Arabic Jazz song, "Cynthia's Tears" the movement in this dance interprets the melody and inspired by the idea of growth. Techniques include rounded hipwork, spiraling arm pathways, leg extensions, choo choo shimmies, chaîné turns, and a complex layering sequence.

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New Workshop: 3/14/17

Chomper: An Original Choreography

We're digging this awesome hidden treasure out of the vault just for you! Filmed way back in the day, this challenging choreography from Zoe Jakes is perfect for Musical March, combining complex locks and layers with intricate finger cymbal compositions! 

 Chomper: An Original ChoreographyChomper: An Original Choreography!

This is a challenging belly dance choreography for advanced dancers created by Zoe Jakes to an original song, "Chomper". It includes layering sections, lock patterns, and some complex finger cymbal patterns and compositions. Get ready to spin and travel as well!

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2 New Workshops from Sedona! : 3/1/17

Mar 1, 2017 9:13:00 AM

2 New Workshops: 3/1/17

2 workshops from Sedona

Welcome to musical March! We've got two, count 'em two, new workshops chock full of rhythm and dance technique from Sedona: Spirit of the Drum: An Original Choreography and Drum Solo Expressions Class # 3: Chiftitelli!

 Spirit of the Drum: An Original ChoreographySpirit of the Drum: An Original Drum Solo by Sedona!

In this workshop you will be learning one of Sedona's original drum solo choreographies to a song created by Jason Ramirez. This choreography is fast, fun, and full of diverse belly dance techniques. It features tight pops and locks, various shimmies and shimmy layers, interesting hand, arm and head movements, plus dramatic rhythmic breakdowns. Be sure to warm up before starting this choreography and cool down afterwards.

 Drum Expressions 3: ChiftitelliDrum Solo Expressions # 3 : Chiftitelli!

In the third workshop in Sedona's "Drum Solo Expressions" series we will continue to cultivate our musicality, understanding Sedona's particular Drum Solo techniques and identifying Arabic rhythms. Sedona will explore several fundamental sounds that comprise a well executed drum solo, drilling movements and combinations to familiarize us with the sounds of the drum, with a focus on the slow and slinky Chiftitelli rhythm. Make sure to be properly warmed up before attempting this class.

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New Workshop: 2/15/17

Playful Technique & Combinations for Raqs Assaya

Here is another fantastic Raqs Assaya class with Henna: “Playful Technique & Combinations for Raqs Assaya”!

 Playful Technique & Combinations for Raqs AssayaPlayful Technique & Combinations for Raqs Assaya!

This workshop details several playful raqs assaya combinations inspired by folkloric movements and made for the raqs sharki stage. Using fast cane work, beautiful frames, juicy hipwork and more, Henna will break down and drill two combinations at several different speeds to get your cane work precise, fast, and fun! This workshop begins with a warm up to prepare the body for dance.

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New Workshop: 2/1/17

Cardio Blast: Work It Out!

Get ready to work it out in this power packed, super fast cardio workshop with Ashley Lopez!

 Cardio Blast: Work It Out!Cardio Blast: Work It Out!

Get ready to work it out! This quick 30 minute cardiovascular interval training routine will give you the fantastic work out you need, without any equipment, without needing to get out and run a million miles. All exercises are body-weight based, so you can make them high or low-impact and you can go as easy or difficult as you like. Feeling tired? Slow it down. Want to get into a higher heart rate zone? Push faster and jump higher! Be sure you are thoroughly warmed up before beginning this workout so your joints and muscles are ready to fly!.

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New Workshop: 1/18/17

Elements & Compounds

Break down the elements of belly dance isolations and work on compound layers in this exciting new workshop from April Rose!

 Elements & CompoundsElements & Compounds

In this workshop from April Rose you will learn two combinations that challenge both the brain and body. You will begin with a focus on elemental belly dance movement and move into compound layers that focus on stacking torso isolations and hipwork. You will carve space with luscious arm patterns and learn new ways to segment the body with punctuated isolations. This workshop begins with a warm up and ends with a cool down.

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New Workshop: 1/4/17

Steady Shimmies!

Let's shimmy in the new year! Build strength, flexibility, and stamina for Egyptian shimmies in this new workshop from Sedona.

 Steady Shimmies!Steady Shimmies!

In this workshop we will be focusing on getting a strong and vivacious shimmy! Sedona will be sharing exercises and drills designed to strengthen, stretch and open the muscles around the knee joints in order to support the Egyptian Knee Shimmy. You will be shimmying through different timing manipulations and traveling movements that will help you to increase the stamina and mobility of your shimmy.

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New Workshop: 12/21/16

Clever Combinations

Ready for some awesome combinations designed to challenge both mind and body? Ashley is here to train with you!

 Clever CombinationsClever Combinations

Ready for a challenge? In this class we will practice combinations designed for the advanced dancer, layering isolations and shapes, sequencing movements, learning tricky footwork and drilling different kinds of spins. You will work on increasing your endurance through long drills and learning combos quickly. At the end of class you will learn one long master combination to be practiced on both sides, first slowly and then super fast! Remember to have fun with this; the video is meant to be repeatable so we hope you find it challenging enough to return to over and over again.

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