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These videos are the most recent additions to our growing library. New releases include all videos released in the last 6 weeks. This category changes every day so check back for updates.

Introduction to Datura Style™ Technique Class # 1 : Hip Mechanics

Rachel Brice, 01:03:29

In this Introduction to Datura Style™ Technique class, Rachel will introduce you to the basics of her personal format for belly dance, prepare you for the more challenging Datura Technique Studies, and show you how to improvise in this style as a soloist or in a group. Class # 1 focuses on hipwork on the up: hip lifts, bumps, the glute lock, and taxim. Rachel will breakdown all of these movements and then you will have the chance to dance them out in a fun improvisational drill. This series was designed to be used as a resource by anyone searching to clarify and strengthen their understanding of the fundamentals of Datura Style™ belly dance. Many thanks to the people who inspired Datura Style™: Jamila and Suhaila Salimpour: http://www.salimpourschool.com/, Masha Archer: http://masha.org/wordpress_1487830001/, Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman: https://fcbd.com/about/, John Compton, Liz Compton, Rebaba, & Hahbi'Ru, Mish Mish & The Gypsy Moor Dancers, Fifi Abdou, Mardi Love, Jill Parker: https://www.jillparkerbellydance.org/, Rose Harden: http://www.rosehipsdancer.com/.

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Drill Bits: Pop It!

Ashley Lopez, 00:35:21

Get ready to move your upper body! This quick 30 minute drill class is fully focused on the chest and ribcage movement. We'll explore chest lifts, drops, slides, shapes and experiment with speed, size, and layering arms and footwork!
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Master Combo & Cool Down

Ashley Lopez, 00:14:01

In this short spotlight from Ashley's "Clever Combinations" workshop, Ashley quickly runs through a beautiful and advanced combination at both a slow and a fast tempo followed by a relaxing cool down.
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Smokin' Combo 1

Sedona Soulfire, 00:46:11

This fun combo from Sedona's "Super Smokin' Combos" plays with push and pull energy, sassy postures, leg lifts, and lovely hand and wrist embellishments. All these movements are layered on our favorite hip circles and undulations.
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Raqs Assaya: Tahteeb Stylization

Henna, 00:28:31

At the heart of raqs assaya is the martial art of Tahteeb from Upper Egypt. These movements incorporate the proud posture, heavy shoulder taps, spins in the cane, and Saidi footwork. We will put them together in a combination to lay a solid foundation for classic assaya work. This spotlight is from Henna's "Raqs Assaya: Folkloric Technique" workshop.
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Grapevine Circle Combo

April Rose, 00:13:39

This fusion combination is all about traveling footwork that creates a spatial pattern on the dance floor. Using directional ballet terminology we will drill a Grapevine traveling step, 2-Step Turn, and 4-Step Turn. We will then arrange these traveling footwork movements into a combination that carves a large spatial pattern on the stage and add some arm embellishments. This belly dance spotlight is from April Rose's "Infusion: Indian Fusion Technique".
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