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These videos are the most recent additions to our growing library. New releases include all videos released in the last 6 weeks. This category changes every day so check back for updates.

Elements & Compounds

April Rose, 1:18:07

In this workshop from April Rose you will learn two combinations that challenge both the brain and body. You will begin with a focus on elemental belly dance movement and move into compound layers that focus on stacking torso isolations and hipwork. You will carve space with luscious arm patterns and learn new ways to segment the body with punctuated isolations. This workshop begins with a warm up and ends with a cool down.
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Cardio Blast: Work It Out!

Ashley Lopez, 00:30:51

Get ready to work it out! This quick 30 minute cardiovascular interval training routine will give you the fantastic work out you need, without any equipment, without needing to get out and run a million miles. All exercises are body-weight based, so you can make them high or low-impact and you can go as easy or difficult as you like. Feeling tired? Slow it down. Want to get into a higher heart rate zone? Push faster and jump higher! Be sure you are thoroughly warmed up before beginning this workout so your joints and muscles are ready to fly!
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Warm up for Finger Cymbal Practice

Henna, 00:04:30

In this warm up from Henna's "Egyptian Finger Cymbals: Raqs Sharki Stylization" workshop, you will prepare the fingers, wrists and arms for an extended finger cymbal practice.
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Playful Technique & Combinations for Raqs Assaya

Henna, 01:00:02

This workshop details several playful raqs assaya combinations inspired by folkloric movements and made for the raqs sharki stage. Using fast cane work, beautiful frames, juicy hipwork and more, Henna will break down and drill two combinations at several different speeds to get your cane work precise, fast, and fun! This workshop begins with a warm up to prepare the body for dance.
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3/4 Shimmy Variations: Samiha

Rachel Brice, 00:04:56

Jamila Salimpour named this step after a dancer she'd seen in New York. It is a variation of the Hagallah, performed with one foot flat, and the other in a forced arch. One of our favorites. This spotlight is from Rachel's "Shimmy Train: 3/4 Shimmies and Variations" workshop.
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Stretch Practice

Colleena Shakti, 00:12:51

Focusing on long, deep breaths and slow movement connected to the breath, this short practice spotlights some of Colleena's favorite stretches to do before or after dancing Indian Fusion Belly Dance. The goal is to breathe deep to relax and focus on the mind, as well as release any tension created through repetitive movements in your dance training. This spotlight is from Colleena's "Masala: Indian Fusion Shakti Style" workshop.
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Grounded and Fluid Chest Movements

Tamalyn Dallal, 00:27:45

This is a new concept, which makes chest movements easier, more fluid, and flexible. Tamalyn will make a belly dance combination of chest movements, from the ground up.

This spotlight is from Tamalyn's "The Subtle Art: Gravitational Pull of the Earth" workshop.
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