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These videos are the most recent additions to our growing library. New releases include all videos released in the last 6 weeks. This category changes every day so check back for updates.

Rhythm Breakdown: Wahda Kabira

Henna, 00:01:33

In this spotlight from "Rhythmic Intelligence: Arabic Rhythms & Combinations" Henna will break down the wahda kabira rhythm.
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Drum Solo Expressions # 3 : Chiftitelli

Sedona Soulfire, 01:25:36

In the third workshop in Sedona's "Drum Solo Expressions" series we will continue to cultivate our musicality, understanding Sedona's particular Drum Solo techniques and identifying Arabic rhythms. Sedona will explore several fundamental sounds that comprise a well executed drum solo, drilling movements and combinations to familiarize us with the sounds of the drum, with a focus on the slow and slinky Chiftitelli rhythm. Make sure to be properly warmed up before attempting this class.
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Playful Technique & Combinations for Raqs Assaya

Henna, 01:00:02

This workshop details several playful raqs assaya combinations inspired by folkloric movements and made for the raqs sharki stage. Using fast cane work, beautiful frames, juicy hipwork and more, Henna will break down and drill two combinations at several different speeds to get your cane work precise, fast, and fun! This workshop begins with a warm up to prepare the body for dance.
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Sounds of the Drum: Dum/Tek and Endings

Sedona Soulfire, 00:34:28

In this spotlight Sedona will give you an in depth look at the two most basic sounds the tabla makes - Dum and Tek. She will also cover common ending phrases such as Dum Dum Tek, Dum Ka Tek, and Rek Rek. Sedona will teach and drill combos for each of these drum licks. This spotlight is from Sedona's "Drum Solo Expressions # 1 : Baladi" class.
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Spirit of the Drum: An Original Drum Solo by Sedona

Sedona Soulfire, 01:53:06

In this workshop you will be learning one of Sedona's original drum solo choreographies to a song created by Jason Ramirez. This choreography is fast, fun, and full of diverse belly dance techniques. It features tight pops and locks, various shimmies and shimmy layers, interesting hand, arm and head movements, plus dramatic rhythmic breakdowns. Be sure to warm up before starting this choreography and cool down afterwards.
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Beginning ATS® Slow Improv Drill Game 1 - 4: Corkscrew Turn and Ribcage Rotation

Colette Todorov, 00:13:32

Now it's your turn to be part of an ATS® improvisation! Try out this virtual reality experience of what's it's like to be part of an ATS® duet, trio, and quartet. Sharpen your improvisational skills by practicing slow movements from classes 1, 2, 3, and 4 of Colette's beginning ATS® series, including the Corkscrew Turn, Ribcage Rotation, and more. In this spotlight you get a chance to take the lead and you'll practice some basic transitions with your fellow dancer. Get ready to dance! This spotlight is from Colette's "ATS® Improv Drill Game: Beginning Classes 1 - 4".
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Chomper: An Original Choreography

Zoe Jakes, 01:27:37

This is a challenging belly dance choreography for advanced dancers created by Zoe Jakes to an original song, "Chomper". It includes layering sections, lock patterns, and some complex finger cymbal patterns and compositions. Get ready to spin and travel as well!
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