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Layered Shimmies & Undulations

Teacher: April Rose

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2017-06-26 17:31:51 2017-06-26 18:31:51 America/Los_Angeles Layered Shimmies & Undulations Layered Shimmies & Undulations http://daturaonline.com/layered-shimmies-and-undulations http://daturaonline.com/layered-shimmies-and-undulations

Video Description: In this workshop we will begin with a warm up for back and belly strength, as well as a balance challenge in relevé. We'll really turn the heat up with a detailed breakdown and drill of the choo choo shimmy. We'll add upper and lower undulations, layered with shoulder and 3/4 hip shimmy, to a ball change stepping pattern and then play with horizontal and vertical variations of the figure eight in our chest and hips, throwing in a skate turn and the syncopated hip 8 called the jewel. In the cool down we'll do some circular forward folds to bring down the heart rate.

American Cabaret Classic & Egyptian Fusion Any Style Technique Hips Ribs + Chest Shimmies Hipwork Undulations Legs Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 01:15:00

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Very clear by Daya Navilu on 2/14/17

So kind your way to teach! Awesome work, I learned a lot from you, now my undulations looks much better! Thank you very much for share your knowlege♥

Excellent Resource by Bonnie Belle on 8/4/16

April does a fantastic job of breaking down and drilling layers. This is especially great for ATS dancers since it covers moves similar to the basic Arabic Step and Arabic Shimmy.

Looooved this class!! by Karina G on 7/6/16

Great tips for undulations and very challenging layering. Thank you April. You kicked my ass! ;)

Beauty by Beccachiquita on 6/28/16

I loved this class! You rock Ms.Rose <3!

Is it just me? by Angel on 2/23/16

When it comes to moving two at once, for example hip shimmies and upper isolations , it gets difficult and I get out of "wack" and just end up screwing up. Is this a beginner thing or do I just need to built my muscles up?

Love it! by Lindsay on 2/20/16

Ooh....really like how you breakdown and describe the isolation movements. Especially the upper and lower undulations...really helped me see the old familiar movements in a completely new way! This will be in my regular practice rotation for sure!

Skeletal Choo Choo by Miss Mewer on 1/28/16

Thank you for the skeletal Choo Choo!

Amazing by Kerrie Dean on 1/15/16

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge April Rose... so much fun, and you explain everything so beautifully, you are very easy to understand and learn from. Thank you and I can't wait to drill this again...(need a little rest first!)

April Rose:

Thank you for the kind feedback Kerrie! I'm happy you are enjoying this class. -AR

this is... the BOMB dot COM by Natassia Dances Boston on 1/11/16

I love this class so much! Thank you April Rose!

April Rose:

You are the BOMBdotCOM! You're welcome. -AR

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