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Layercake: Crazy Delicious Layering

Teacher: Ashley Lopez

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2017-07-25 05:45:38 2017-07-25 06:45:38 America/Los_Angeles Layercake: Crazy Delicious Layering Layercake: Crazy Delicious Layering http://daturaonline.com/layercake-crazy-delicious-layering http://daturaonline.com/layercake-crazy-delicious-layering

Video Description: This belly dance workshop is a study in combining basic movements together to create clear, distinct layers of simultaneous movement. We will address layering a variety of basic upper body movements with a variety of basic lower body movements. This class is targeted toward the dancer who is beyond beginner and is ready to move into more complex multi-tasking territory.

Fusion Technique Hips Vocabulary Belly Hipwork Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 00:57:27

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Challenging! by Omega on 6/29/16

Really challenging... it feels great to feel like a beginner again. Will be revisiting this one!

Great! by Amy on 3/1/15

Perfect class! The layers I've tried before always need polish and there was lots in here that made me go "OOOOO I HAVEN'T TRIED THAT BEFORE!" Working some of these into my daily drills. Thanks!

Thank you!! by Paige on 8/30/14

Thank you for being so clear and concise! Your style of teaching is easy to follow and great for different levels.This class was very fun and challenging!

Great practice for all levels by Tamara on 6/7/14

I love your encouraging attitude with tips and reminders about slowing it down, breaking it down and to keep at it. Thanks for the clear instruction and the opportunity to sharpen our skills! This kind of work needs to be a regular practice.

Yay!!! by Rebecca on 3/25/14

Wow, Ashley, fantastic class!!! I will definitely do more classes with you because I love what you do. This crazy layering is extremely fun and will go into my regular practice until steam comes out of my ears!!! Great job, thanks so much!!!

crazy delicious indeed! by dip dip dip on 12/26/13

A very humbling/grounding class, even the second time with a gap of months.. :D keep challenging us Ashley.. we will never know what our bodies can do until we try.. loved it! thank you..

oy my silliness by Lindsay on 11/11/13

thanks for reminding us to laugh. At times it looked pretty funny in my dance mirror. lots of fun Ashley!

<3 by Raine on 4/11/13

Delicious is the perfect adjective for this class, so much fun!

whew!!! by Stacy on 4/10/13

A-Lo does it again!

Wow by Sarah on 4/10/13

I think this created some new neural pathways as well as muscle memories! Stave off aging inside and out. :-)

awesome by zoe on 4/6/13

that was absolutely awesome. my poor head :D

Fun by Joanna A. on 4/5/13

That was so much fun! <3!
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