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Layer Ladders

Teacher: April Rose

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2017-07-22 05:50:41 2017-07-22 06:50:41 America/Los_Angeles Layer Ladders Layer Ladders http://daturaonline.com/layer-ladders http://daturaonline.com/layer-ladders

Video Description: This workshop is all about layering from the ground up: footwork, torso isolations, and arm patterns! We'll start by integrating good posture and clean arm carriage with basic pelvic isolations. More complex isolations will be added with different dynamics and traveling floor patterns. Come back to this workshop again and again to add each new layer as you progress through your dance journey!

Any Style Drills Technique Combinations Hips Ribs + Chest Footwork Isolations Hipwork Legs Stretch + Strengthen Body Region Movement Technique Tools 01:46:55

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Will use this every week! by Melissa on 6/18/17

Wonderful technique and breakdown from April, as usual! I will definitely use this to practice every week; there's enough great layering material (isolations AND footwork) to keep anyone busy and focused for quite a while :).

Love it! by Megan on 5/24/17

Thank you, April! This is an amazing class and was wonderfully challenging for me. I am so excited to return to this! I love the way you break down each movement and allow room to step it up or down. You are such an excellent teacher :)
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