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Laybacks, Drops, Zippers & Floorwork

Teacher: Rachel Brice

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2017-07-25 05:49:38 2017-07-25 06:49:38 America/Los_Angeles Laybacks, Drops, Zippers & Floorwork Laybacks, Drops, Zippers & Floorwork http://daturaonline.com/laybacks-drops-and-zippers http://daturaonline.com/laybacks-drops-and-zippers

Video Description: This intermediate to advanced level workshop will help those already proficient in deep bodywaves to achieve the coveted layback-drop-zipper combination. We begin with a yoga practice to strengthen the large muscles of the back, and to lengthen the hip flexors. Rachel then breaks down The Layback, The Cobra Basket turn, and drills The Zipper. Then you’ll move on to learning a challenging Fusion combination that includes laybacks, drops, berber walks, the Zipper, the Cobra Basket Turn, the Camel Walk Plunge and others. The belly dance combo can be used for group improvisation or choreography. Please proceed carefully, as this workshop is filled with movements that take time to master.

Fusion Yoga Conditioning Technique Ribs + Chest Back Vocabulary Floorwork Legs Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 01:32:18

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Tips? by Artemisia on 5/17/17

And also-- would you or anyone else here have any suggestions for preparatory exercises to get that backbend? I seem to be "hinging"!

Head hurting? by Artemisia on 5/16/17

Hi-- is it normal for one's head to be hurting during the laybacks and drops? I'm not particularly uncomfortable during them otherwise, even though I'm beginning and am modifying a bit... but is it normal?

Amazing! by Lin Sanders on 12/7/16

I can honestly say, this is the first time during savasana that my lower back didnt take 5 minutes to settle down after all that intense work! Not only are you a great dancer Rachel, but a great teacher as well, taking us from warm up to cool down so smoothly! And to think i was putting this class off, cause i was afraid it would be too much on my back!

Rachel Brice:

Oh GOOD! Music to my ears!

Thanx Rachel by sigel hu on 2/27/16


Questions by ada totolan on 1/1/16

Hi, Rachel. I am struggling with the laybacks for a while now and even though I understand (at least theoretically) the technique, I still have pain in the low back when and after I am doing them. There is still something that doesn't feel right. So, my first question is is that normal? And if so how much is too much? And the second would be about the feet during the zipper. So far I could manage only by tucking the feet because otherwise they hurt a lot. Is there any trick for that? Thank you so much.

Rachel Brice:

HI there Ada! Thank you SO MUCH for asking, this is such an important question. Before I say anything else, the most important thing is that you never pursue a practice that hurts. If you feel pain, stop immediately and see a doctor to find out why: it will save time, energy, and give you answers to either approach it differently, create conditioning to prepare safely, or stop altogether. Be sure you don't push through the pain, don't force anything, just get eyes on you as soon as you can it and find out why it hurts. Your long term health and happiness is so much more important than a back bend, there's lots of juicy, fabulous movements in fusion belly dance to focus on if your body doesn't love this one. Now for more details: It is completely normal to feel soreness with any kind of intense work, and if you are doing deep backward bending safely (meaning sound bio-mechanical alignment for your body and its unique characteristics) you may still feel some soreness. However, without seeing you in person and assessing how you approach the movement it would be impossible for me to tell if what you speak of is normal soreness, an approach to backbending that isn't right for your spine, or a pre-existing structural condition that is exacerbated by the practice. The best way to find out is to work with doctor or other qualified practitioner to find the underlying cause, then meet with a dance instructor, in person, one on one. If that's not possible, discontinue the practice for now until you can take a lesson or workshop with a teacher. I also suggest Stott Pilates private lessons, if you have Stott in your area. I hope this helps! Rachel

Very Helpful! by Bonnie on 7/10/14

I've been working on mastering the layback for ATS for a little while now, despite only being a level 2 student at the moment. I rented this video to get some tips on how to strengthen my back and not injure myself while doing this move, and boy does Brice deliver. I now feel more comfortable doing laybacks, and might end up doing one in a solo for an upcoming student showcase. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who's ready to tackle this beautiful yet challenging move.

Fantastic by Stacey on 5/26/13

The workshop is fantastic and very clearly explained. Loved every minute of it. :)

Such a great class by Amy on 5/26/13

Such a great class - so thrilled to have done my first standing drop from layback! What is the track that plays in the warmup & cooldown? It's so soothing! xxx

thanks! by RB on 5/26/13

Thank you! I am enjoying this workshop so much!

Eeeep! by Tia on 5/20/13

I've been dying to learn the gooey secrets of laybacks, drops and zippers. I'm extremely excited about this!

Finally! by Valerie on 5/18/13

I have been waiting so long for you to teach us laybacks!!!

thank you!! by zoe on 5/17/13

this was awesome!! i feel amazing, thank you so much!!

wooo hoooo by meggan on 5/16/13

Thank you for the treat for us dancers that aren't at Tribal Fest this weekend! So excited!
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