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Kathak Arm Patterns

Teacher: Colleena Shakti

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2017-06-25 12:21:27 2017-06-25 13:21:27 America/Los_Angeles Kathak Arm Patterns Kathak Arm Patterns http://daturaonline.com/kathak-arm-patterns http://daturaonline.com/kathak-arm-patterns

Video Description: Inspired by Kathak Classical Indian dance arm movements, this arm pattern drill is something dancers in India practice for the life of their dance. Always seeking out more fine tuned subtlety, this is a perfect practice for all levels to develop graceful arms and hands, as well as clear your dance space and calm your mind.

This spotlight is from Colleena's "North Indian Classical Spins and Arms" workshop.

Indian Dance Technique Arms + Hands Body Region Technique Tools Elements 00:15:07

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Armz for dayz by Raine on 3/28/14

I enjoyed this class. I enjoy classes that focus on arms. I need help focusing on keeping energy in my arms when I dance, so this helped.

Beautiful movement by Penpak on 3/13/14

Thank you for beautiful hands movement...I can feel this softness movement and concentration...it's lovely. Nuch

Beautiful by Emma on 3/13/14

Clear and concise, easy to fit in to daily practice and great for focusing the mind, ready to dance. Thank you.
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