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Introduction to Datura Style™ Technique Class # 1 : Hip Mechanics

Teacher: Rachel Brice

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2017-07-22 05:47:28 2017-07-22 06:47:28 America/Los_Angeles Introduction to Datura Style™ Technique Class # 1 : Hip Mechanics Introduction to Datura Style™ Technique Class # 1 : Hip Mechanics http://daturaonline.com/introduction-to-datura-styletm-class-1-hip-mechanics http://daturaonline.com/introduction-to-datura-styletm-class-1-hip-mechanics

Video Description: In this Introduction to Datura Style™ Technique class, Rachel will introduce you to the basics of her personal format for belly dance, prepare you for the more challenging Datura Technique Studies, and show you how to improvise in this style as a soloist or in a group. Class # 1 focuses on hipwork on the up: hip lifts, bumps, the glute lock, and taxim. Rachel will breakdown all of these movements and then you will have the chance to dance them out in a fun improvisational drill. This series was designed to be used as a resource by anyone searching to clarify and strengthen their understanding of the fundamentals of Datura Style™ belly dance. Many thanks to the people who inspired Datura Style™: Jamila and Suhaila Salimpour: http://www.salimpourschool.com/, Masha Archer: http://masha.org/wordpress_1487830001/, Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman: https://fcbd.com/about/, John Compton, Liz Compton, Rebaba, & Hahbi'Ru, Mish Mish & The Gypsy Moor Dancers, Fifi Abdou, Mardi Love, Jill Parker: https://www.jillparkerbellydance.org/, Rose Harden: http://www.rosehipsdancer.com/.

Datura Style™ Drills Technique Fundamentals Hips Vocabulary Shimmies Hipwork Stretch + Strengthen Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 01:03:29

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Bringing it all back home! by Catanya on 6/20/17

Thanks for the this class, Rachel. It is a sweet re-connect to my belly dance roots, which all began in the '60's. And I haven't hung up my dance belt, yet!

Thank you again and again by Beatrice on 6/19/17

Thank you again and again for sharing your knowledge, wisdom, experience and your inspiration so honestly, it is so enriching, valuable and precious

Love this class by Paula Stowers on 6/15/17

Thank you Rachel for bringing the classroom into my room!

Please keep em coming by Sabrina on 6/13/17

For someone who is trying to learn mainly at home this is so helpful! Thank you. I love this style and am happy to have it in brand ken down lessons. Love❤️

This was a lot of fun! by Andrea on 6/11/17

Thank you so much for this video! I had troubles with the taxim hip movement for a long time but after your explanation I was finally able to do them. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to learn from our homes and I am really looking forward to the next Datura Style workshop.

A big THANK YOU! by Naima on 6/4/17

Hello there, I hope you are good? Thanks for creating this series! I think it's important to learn the history behind a dance to truly understand and appreciate it. For me it gives it more meaning, more heart. I also really respect the fact that you're revealing who influenced you, which makes me value you as a teacher more. Other teachers could learn from you. Thanks again and look forward to the next workshop.

Finishing my last comment by Justice castoreno on 6/3/17

Learning from the amazing instructors

AMAZING by Justice castoreno on 6/3/17

Thank u so much.. was so informative and enjoyable. So grateful to be part of Dature and learn from the amaz

LOVE this magical training by INGER on 6/2/17

I love this so much - so elegant and beautiful !!

I'm so happy that this series exists! by Jess Russell-Davies on 6/2/17

::hugs this class:: The fact that this series is being made makes me so happy. I felt like trying to climb into my monitor to hug Rachel when she was talking about her teachers and influences...so much respect and love. What a beautiful way to introduce a style to the world. I love this so much. And I love my teacher. And I love her style. And I love DO. All the love!! ::sprinkles misty-eyed grins around by the fistful:: PS - Ya weren't joking about needing to bring a notebook to this class! Nerdburger heaven!

Mad dance crushing on this! Thank you! by Teresa Joy on 6/2/17

Super enjoying all of this magical training. I love this empowering breakdown.

Thank you!! by Amaryce on 6/1/17

I am only 20 minutes in and I can already tell I will be obsessed with this! This is how I think, muscles, careful isolations, and how something should look but also feel. I can't wait to see more of these, and I know a couple dancers who will sign up just for this kind of content!

love by Milica on 6/1/17

I just can't express how grateful I am for the opportunity to learn on DO. Seriously appreciate and love this type of content. This is the reason why I learn and dance. It's not just "dance", it is anatomy and internal/external body awareness, it is knowing the history and respecting all the people contributing to a certain style. It is not always "me & glitter" on stage, it's about deepening your knowledge, devotion, practice, respect, and all that creates that humble but confident dancer on stage (or in your living room, who cares) (:
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