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Intermediate Pilates for Belly Dancers

Teacher: Ashley Lopez

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2017-06-24 14:03:02 2017-06-24 15:03:02 America/Los_Angeles Intermediate Pilates for Belly Dancers Intermediate Pilates for Belly Dancers http://daturaonline.com/intermediate-pilates http://daturaonline.com/intermediate-pilates

Video Description: This is a challenging beyond-beginner Pilates class designed just for belly dancers. In this workshop, we will practice exercises that target key muscle groups that are essential for belly dance technique as well as offer variations that help to balance the avid belly dancer’s body—addressing healthy spinal movement, range of motion, and offering pointers for injury prevention.

Pilates Warm Up Conditioning Floorwork Legs Stretch + Strengthen Body Region Movement 00:47:19

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So awesome and challenging! by Bellydancehead on 1/27/17

Thanks Ashley for this workshop! In my country our pilates is gentle and power pilates classes challenge more. You should have seen my face when I started the class - 7 minutes and I begged for mercy! :D But I know it's worth it. Pilates is one of the best medicine to improve dancing and other sports as well. My dancing looks different before and after pilates. Thank you so much again and happy dancing! :)

Oh good lord the burn! by Nicole Simone on 9/10/15

I see you secretly giggle at our pain lol. Your classes are amazing!!! I mean holy wow! I've been on a long break from dance training and since I started your pilates classes I've never felt more strong and confident to get back to business :D It's the little things that make the biggest impact. My boyfriend who is a second degree martial artist even partakes in these sessions with me and he loves it! He has found weaknesses he didn't know where there....Kudos Ashley...Kudos!! Can't wait to start classes with you at the mothership <3 xoxo

Knees? by Mrs Pancakes on 8/18/15

Hi Ashley. I'd love to know if you have any advice on strengthening and injury prevention for the knees. I've been using this workout a couple of times a week for a few months and haven't managed to progress as much as I'd like to with the backward bends, partly due to pulling sensations in my knees when I work the quads (I back off when I feel this). The second face-down series with the kicks is particularly troublesome. I'm 26 and don't have any known joint issues. Thanks!!

Ashley Lopez:

Hey there Pancakes!! First of all, great job on building this workout into your routine. I'm assuming you're referring to the section about 23 minutes in. Your instinct to avoid pain is excellent. You want to preserve your knees so it's important to play it safe. Unfortunately I cannot say for certain what's going on without watching you do the exercise but here are some suggestions of things to try out: Be sure you check your pelvic position (think: press pubic bone into the floor, do not stick tailbone up into the air--there should be no space between your hips and the floor and your glutes should be gently engaged), also be sure you're using your abdominals to stabilize. Next, make sure your knee is straight, you may find it helpful to practice facing a mirror--look for the foot being too far in or (less likely) too far out. You may have one quad tighter than the others and it may be pulling too hard. So solution one is what you've already come up with: be gentle. You may want to consider some hamstring strengthening or front-of-hip stretches. If you go gently (again), squats might be helpful. If there's a strain, you'll just want to avoid this particular exercise, and practice R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, elevation.) I hope that's at least a little helpful!

beyond beginner.... by Kash on 2/11/15

So this is pretty intense! I simultaneously hate and love this workout.

it burns *ouch ouch ouch* :D by Josephin on 7/5/14

"If you feel a burning in the hip - this is precisely what we're going for." *narf* I'm gonna die! This burns so much! ;o) But I love classes with Ashley. Yoga, Pilates and dancing are working so perfect together. :) Thank you so much, Ashley! :D

Ashley Lopez:


Dear Lord by Kala on 2/8/13

Ashley, your routines are so amazing! So hard and so challenging. You are a marvelous teacher :)
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