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Intermediate Flexibility

Teacher: Ashley Lopez

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2017-07-25 05:44:02 2017-07-25 06:44:02 America/Los_Angeles Intermediate Flexibility Intermediate Flexibility http://daturaonline.com/intermediate-flexibility http://daturaonline.com/intermediate-flexibility

Video Description: Healthy flexibility is a combination of range of motion in the joints, length of the muscles and connective tissues as well as strength, stability, balance, and proprioception. This workshop is designed to help you safely and effectively increase flexibility through a variety of fitness, yoga, Pilates and circus training techniques. We will work on getting into front splits, side splits and a few different back bending poses. At the end of class we will learn a short movement combination that will breakdown how to transition from one pose to the other. A final abdominal strengthening sequence will be practiced to leave you feeling strong and energized!

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Nice practice! by Bellydancehead on 2/12/17

I enjoyed this workout so much! I am pretty sure I am going to include this to my workout schedule. This practice is so worth it. Thank you so much! :)

WoooW by Alicia on 1/5/17

Thank you SO much for such a uniquely challenging and targeted practice! I am one of those people who do not have the genetic component for flexibility, but over the past 8+ years I have recently noticed a slight improvement. Ashley, in this video you provide all the components I have been missing, mostly emotional, and package it into an accessable gradual practice. I am excited to practice this regularly and see how far I can go <3 Because this is such a spectacular class I would like to suggest a sister flexibility class...I would LOVE to see a similar class that focus on shoulder tightness. That area connects a lot of bellydance movement from the arms, upper back, and neck, and I think it could help many people who hold their tension there. Perhaps you could even add a small section on sidebody extention/ flexibility to dig into the other plane of movement for the spine:) Again thank you, and all the wonderful souls at Datura Online for sharing such a wealth of information to those who otherwise wouldn't have it <3

Great workout! by Lin Sanders on 12/18/16

Whooo momma! That was excellent! I feel great now!

Very Usefu! by Ana on 12/18/16

Wow! Thank you so much Ashley for making such a comprehensible and encouraging video! I loved it. It was all very challenging, but very rewarding in the end. I am definately doing this everyday until I get all of these moves.

Informative! by Lindsay Chapman on 9/25/16

Such valuable nuggets of info for sculpting a balanced physique! Ashley is charismatic, a common thread among all Datura teachers, and I greatly appreciate this training regime. I've learned the art of the psychology of relaxation in this video. Great job! Looking forward to your Tuesday night class again!

Great! by ada totolan on 7/21/16

I've been waiting for this type of practice for a long time. I've done it today and I already feel great benefits. I'll do this almost on a daily basis for a while. Ashley, I admire you deeply and I am extremely grateful to Datura Online for making available such top quality material.
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