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Infusion: Indian Fusion Technique

Teacher: April Rose

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2017-06-28 17:23:04 2017-06-28 18:23:04 America/Los_Angeles Infusion: Indian Fusion Technique Infusion: Indian Fusion Technique http://daturaonline.com/infusion http://daturaonline.com/infusion

Video Description: In this workshop April Rose explores the intersection of belly dance with Classical Indian dance through 4 fusion phrases. The Classical Indian Odissi posture tribhangi is introduced as well as some footwork, or adavus, that extends from tribhangi. We will also drill modified versions of fundamental Tribal Fusion and belly dance techniques like the Egyptian, Arabic, ASWAT, Sharki Step, lower undulations, and 3/4 hip shimmies, embellishing these movements with Classical Indian arm carriage and hand mudras. We will use these core movements with traveling footwork to create spatial patterns on the dance floor. Lastly, we will cool down with a classical suranamaskar.

Fusion Indian Dance Technique Footwork Vocabulary Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 01:34:29

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Elise by Elise on 11/24/16

Love the combinations and resulting look of this style - clearly taught and broken down too. Definitely one to come back to.

AMAZING by Kiri on 11/2/15

This is my first class with you. Easy to follow, beutiful combinations. Thank you so much.

Great structure by Marusya on 3/26/15

I like the way April breaks down an element then moves to another starting with easier variation, comes back and glue it together in a flowing combination. You aren't just copying her moves but also think while you dance!

Thank you by Sana H. on 10/8/14

I have not started dancing with you but watched the first 30 minutes. I can already tell you that...I love you!!! You have an amazing way to explain steps and movements. It is so clear. It is quite late then I can't really practice but all I wanted to do was to get up and dance with you! Thank you so much for this course. xxx

What an amazing teacher! by Kayla on 10/7/14

I love how she breaks down the mechanics of the moves, even the shimmy she's doing! Awesome video! Love the moves!
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