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Indian Fusion Nuances : Mudras, Drishti, Griva

Teacher: Colleena Shakti

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2017-06-26 17:34:12 2017-06-26 18:34:12 America/Los_Angeles Indian Fusion Nuances : Mudras, Drishti, Griva Indian Fusion Nuances : Mudras, Drishti, Griva http://daturaonline.com/indian-fusion-nuances http://daturaonline.com/indian-fusion-nuances

Video Description: Drawing inspiration from several classical Indian forms, this workshop highlights detailed movements in the eyes, head and hands that help create the rich Indian aesthetic. Carefully chosen hand movements (mudras), eye movements (drishti), and head movements (griva) will be broken down and drilled. Focusing on detailed and graceful movements, this workshop can be done seated in any attire.

Fusion Indian Dance Technique Movement Technique Tools Elements 00:22:31

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Music for practice by Jun Hsiang on 8/26/16

Where I can find the background music for practice these beautiful nuances? With all my heart to Colleenaji, I love you

more info please by KIKI on 12/11/15

is there any specific reference books you would recommend for learning more about mudras? Thank YOU so much for all of your heard work and effort. You are truly a authentic magical devi!

Colleena Shakti:

I am so happy to hear your inspired to learn more about Mudra! While dance is usually transmitted teacher to student in a close relationship (Guru-Shish-Parampara) to understand the nuance of HOW to use each movement and position... it really helps to do a little research on your own. All of our Indian Mudras are established in 2 texts: The Natya Shastra (oldest text) - best translation is by Manmohan Gosh and Abhinaya Darpana (the most important commentary or revision of N.S.) - best translation is by Coomaraswamy. Both texts are a little dry and require a scholastic mood... but it is interesting and inspiring to hold the source material in your hands and begin your inquiry. There are also many books about Bharat Natyam mudra which are authentic and helpful to understand the mudra's meaning - I doon't have any favorite, but anything published by Kalakshetra is solid. I do not recommend modern Western interpretive books which add a new age tantric twist... they often use the mudras out of context and do not respect their actual meaning/symbolism - within the Vedic cultural context.

I want more! by Fran on 2/8/15

it was magical! I'd really like to have more of all this mudras and drishti and griva, but It'll take me long enough to reach some nice shapes with this ones. Colleena, I just couldn't help noticing, you eyes are enchanting! *.*

Beautiful Moves by Nia on 5/21/14

I love the Indian Fusion Nuances. Great for when you can't do much physically. Beautiful moves, taught really well xxx

<3 by Delphine on 5/19/14

<3 Ahhhh Thanks to You Colleena-Ji !
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