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Teacher: Sedona Soulfire

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2017-07-22 05:51:11 2017-07-22 06:51:11 America/Los_Angeles Impulse & Intention Impulse & Intention http://daturaonline.com/impulse-and-intention http://daturaonline.com/impulse-and-intention

Video Description: This workshop brings detailed focus to hand, arm, wrist, and eyegaze ornamentation. We will explore using the arms and eyes to contour, frame, and accent body movements, as well as express emotionality and purposeful intent. We will work through various types of arm motions with special focus on the shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints as well as different planes and dimensions in space. The workshop is full of technique, drills, and combinations to assist in making your arms and eyes a strong, graceful, and prominent element in your dance.

American Cabaret Any Style Warm Up Drills Technique Combinations Musicality Improvisation Arms + Hands Shoulders Ribs + Chest Cool Down Stretch + Strengthen Body Region Technique Tools Elements 02:07:04

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Ah ha!! by rachel coleman on 7/19/17

I've been dancing for several years and have purchased several videos focusing on arms and hands, and I still STILL struggle with my arms and graceful hands. I loved the exercises and explanations! This has been my "lightbulb" video. Thank you so much for your lovely and patient instruction.

Blown clear away by this beautiful class by Mala on 7/16/17

I can't say wow enough times. I didn't think I'd ever come across such a beautifully detailed and focused class in the area of hands and arms which once was starved of unique instructional content. Everyone just does the snake arms and the sunrise sunset arms and gets done with it. But the charming Sedona has here patiently and with infinite care led the dancer through drills and exercises that will last through a whole dancing career. It's a beautiful beautiful class for which I'm really grateful. Fabulous, Sedona.

Sedona Soulfire:

MALA!!! Wow, Wow, Thank you for the generous words. My heart is filled with joy knowing that you are finding the class enriching. I was one of the dancers starved for instruction when it came to my arms in the beginning of my dance journey, this is what initiated deep exploration, I am so honored to share it with dancers like <3 YOU <3 THANK YOU

wow by Zey Kaija on 7/15/17

This is one of the most difficult things I've done in dancing.. I'm loving it. Definetely i ned to practise this.Though have to admit I'm a bit frustrated with the fact my arms are in pain and cramp and my fingers are shaking .. Haha :P Well Thank you so much for wonderful class!!! <3 :)

Thank you!!! by Devorah on 7/12/17

This class is so beautiful and inspiring! Arms and hands are my favorite and I love these new additions to my repertoire. Thank you so much!
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