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Hip Love: A hip focused Pilates and Yoga Routine

Teacher: Ashley Lopez

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2017-06-26 01:52:57 2017-06-26 02:52:57 America/Los_Angeles Hip Love: A hip focused Pilates and Yoga Routine Hip Love: A hip focused Pilates and Yoga Routine http://daturaonline.com/hip-love http://daturaonline.com/hip-love

Video Description: This is a hip focused Pilates and yoga routine designed to strengthen the glutes, deep hip rotators, abdominals and back for maximum health and range of motion. This is both a conditioning and therapeutic approach to hip flexibility, stabilization, and strengthening.

Yoga Pilates Warm Up Conditioning Hips Hipwork Floorwork Legs Stretch + Strengthen Body Region Movement 01:02:27

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So helpful! by Kesair on 3/25/17

Hi Ashley, I've just "discovered" Pilates and your terrific workouts. I'm 55 and have numerous orthopedic challenges, but find I'm able to modify just about anything in these sets. I find them difficult but very, very rewarding, and am excited over every little thing I'm able to do this week that wasn't there last week. Thank you, Ashley!

a question by océane on 1/23/17

Hi Ashley, I just wanted to say thanks so much for this video, I have been watching it loads in the last week and it has been really helping strengthen my hips. I just have a quick question: when you slide your legs back and forward (around the 10-11 minute mark) is there a modified version of this I can do, as I just cannot get my legs to move backwards! I have been putting a yoga block under my hips and that makes it easier but I am not sure whether this is the right thing to do? thanks!

Ashley Lopez:

Hi Océane, You can do the slide without being in bridge. Just have your knees bent & feet on the floor, press your feet on the floor & slide the feet forward & back. Another option: in bridge, just slide one foot forward and back at a time.

exactly what I need. by Patricia on 1/3/17

This was the perfect start in my day. My hips feel so open & warm now after this workout! Thank you so much!!

I love you by Nina on 12/11/16

Ashley your workouts are literally saving me at the moment! Thank you thank you thank you. It's helped me develop a home practice and I feel amazing

Wonderful! happy hips! by Erika Henrikson on 8/8/16

I don't know why it's taken me so long to do this video! It's fantastic! I have become aware of imbalances in my hips over the past couple of years, ( I *think* doing right-dominant ATS for almost 10 years hasn't necessarily helped >_<) and and am really hopeful to see improvement with using this video! Ashley is such an amazing wealth of knowledge. Thank you for sharing this practice with us!

question about wobbling! by wendrika olofson on 5/1/16

When doing the lying-on-the-side hip work, we aren't supposed to wobble in the upper body. I was wobbling a bit and trying to correct it, but struggled stop it completely. How do I keep this wobble down? Also, great workout. I have chronic pain in my outer left hip and this really helps. :)

Ashley Lopez:

Hi Wendrika!! Glad this help you, and thanks for your question. If you're having trouble keeping the "wobble" down, try making your leg movements smaller and slower, and be sure you are using your abdominals. You can also place your upper hand on the floor if that helps, to keep you steady. If there's still a little movement in your upper body don't worry too much--as you get stronger this will go away. Remember: small, slow, controlled. Hope this helps!!!

Delicious class by Monica Martin on 1/31/16

This class is such a treat and your voice is so sweet... thank you!!

Perfect Class! by Amy Jo on 1/24/16

I'm going to encourage all my dance students to take this class, and I plan on coming back to it frequently! Great strengthening, stretching, and many reminders to keep the lower torso where you meant for it to be while exercising the hips and legs in various ways (translating directly to our dance practice and keeping good posture during hip work). Great class, Ashley!

Thank you! by Catherine on 12/3/15

I have been hurting all week at my desk job. This is exactly what I needed :)

Ashley Lopez:

I am so glad this has helped you out!

Great exercise! by Heather on 10/12/15

I've been dealing with some bad "runner's knee" caused by weak muscles around my hips and it has been bothering me for a while. After only a couple of sessions, my knees aren't hurting as much and I've stopped getting those pesky outer hip cramps! This is a great way to get those muscles strong and I'm hopeful this marks the end of my battle with pain. The only thing I'd suggest, as others here and on other videos have mentioned, is that I'd love to see a video on how to get stronger knees! Thanks, Ashley :)

Ashley Lopez:

Yessss!!!!! That's wonderful, Heather! As far as knees videos go....keep your peepers peeled!! :D

Impressed by Mariana on 8/9/15

I've never done a more effective practice to neutralize my tight low back. I know this is about the hips and they feel great, but my low back is so neutral now! Wonderful!

Love Hip Love! by Laurel on 6/22/15

Ashley's conditioning series are just wonderful for reducing dancing injury and hip love is just perfect for sore, tight, weak hips. Thank you! Now all I need is knee love.

Ashley Lopez:

This can be arranged....

Totally in love! by Jennifer on 6/14/15

I ended up crying cause it made me feel so so well, Ashely your amazing! <3

Ashley Lopez:

I am thrilled!!! Thank you so very much!

Exactly what I needed today! by Prabvi on 5/27/15

Love it <3 I get so excited when there's new additions @ Datura Online! Especially on days like this when I'm sore but still need to prep for upcoming gigs. Thank you!

Perfect! by Erin on 5/24/15

I've been looking for a workout just like this as I've been rehabbing my hips. Thanks, Ashley, awesome cuing and instruction as usual. :)

Love it! by Rebecca on 5/24/15

Thanks so much, Ashley!!! Great class!

Amazing!!! by Daisy on 5/21/15

I was kind of dreading this since I already have sore glutes and legs from yesterday, but even with the strengthening the muscles feel so much more stretched out and relaxed! You're an amazing teacher Ashley!

Ashley Lopez:

Woo hoo! Thank you! Great job getting yourself to commit.

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