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"Heer Ranjha": Full Choreography

Teacher: Colleena Shakti

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2017-06-26 17:30:12 2017-06-26 18:30:12 America/Los_Angeles "Heer Ranjha": Full Choreography "Heer Ranjha": Full Choreography http://daturaonline.com/heer-ranjha-full-choreography http://daturaonline.com/heer-ranjha-full-choreography

Video Description: Inspired by dance poses found in Indian sculpture, paintings, and Classical Dance, this choreography features strong languid postures, precise hand gestures and uniquely Indian movement principles. Drawing from Colleena's dense training background in Classical and folk dances of India, she brings challenging spins, arm patterns, and distinct gaze to the choreography. Interweaving soft transitions that carry the elegance of the Classical Indian aesthetic with punctuated earthy belly dance movement, a balance is found through layering these different movement qualities in this unique Indian Fusion belly dance choreography. Please be sure that you are dancing on a safe surface for fast, flat footed turns.

Fusion Indian Dance Musicality Choreography Hips Body Region Movement Elements 03:15:15

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So beautiful by Barbara Chatkana on 2/29/16

This is gorgeous! Coleena Shakti has the grace and beauty of a goddess :)

Lovely! by Omi M. on 2/5/16

Love this choreo to this song. We had our own but have learned this instead it's lovely.

<3 by Shawn R. on 2/5/16

Love love LOVE it!

Stunning by Jaquie P. on 2/5/16

Have watched this over and over - stunning. :)
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