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Heart Throb #2

Teacher: Ashley Lopez

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2017-06-24 14:04:18 2017-06-24 15:04:18 America/Los_Angeles Heart Throb #2 Heart Throb #2 http://daturaonline.com/heart-throb-2 http://daturaonline.com/heart-throb-2

Video Description: This is a high-energy, cardio-infused belly dance workout. This video is designed to challenge the dancer physically and technically. High-impact plyometric and aerobic intervals are interwoven into an intermediate-level belly dance drill and combo session. All exercises and drills may be modified to be low-impact and basic if needed, to accommodate dancers of various physical conditioning and technical proficiency.

Fusion Conditioning Drills Hips Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements Cardio 01:03:41

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Phenomenal! by Lindsay Chapman on 10/2/16

It's been a while since I've sweated. Highly needed coordination tune-up!

Awesome Practice! by Sahra on 6/19/16

This is just what I needed!!!! My heart is pumping in such a good way! I loved the combination of drills, traveling steps, and intervals. Excellent pacing - that hour just flew by!!!

Thank You Ashley! by Joanna Ashleigh on 3/27/16

This was a ton of fun and kept me on my toes! <3.

Awesome workout! by Omega on 10/31/15

Very challenging and fun - will definitely be repeating this one! Also thanks for low impact options :)

Fabulous! by Nancy on 5/22/15

My legs are jello, in the very best way. I will revisit this one again. Well done.

DUDE by Karin on 2/10/15

My legs just exploded. Ashley, I'm going to need for you to come over with a mop. That was a very serious work out!

I am sweaty by Kash on 2/7/15

Great to have a cardio workout with real impact that also feeds my drill needs. Good stuff.

Great, great, great! by Katerina on 10/24/14

Such a great combination of drills, combos and cardio. Had a lot of fun, thank you, Ashley!

ms by Patricia on 10/17/14

Another great class by Ashley! I loooove the green skirt, where can I get one? :-)

Serious work out by Erica on 10/16/14

Okay, this seriously kicked my butt. Do not underestimate those plyos and burpees. I was impressed how effortless Ashley made them look and still had the energy to smile and dance right after. lol.

! by Kaia on 9/28/14

Sooooo much FUN! :)
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