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H.A.S.H. Tag: Head, Arms, Shoulders, and Hands

Teacher: Ashley Lopez

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2017-07-25 05:47:42 2017-07-25 06:47:42 America/Los_Angeles H.A.S.H. Tag: Head, Arms, Shoulders, and Hands H.A.S.H. Tag: Head, Arms, Shoulders, and Hands http://daturaonline.com/hash-tag http://daturaonline.com/hash-tag

Video Description: This workshop focuses on some fundamentals of head, shoulder, arm, and hand movement for belly dance. Basic technique is broken down slowly including poses, isolations, shapes, hand gestures, and head slides and circles. Movements are repeated so that students have a chance to practice and drill to perfection. Ashley will describe what is happening anatomically in the bones, joints and muscles and demonstrate the movements, describing exactly where students should feel the origin of movement and how the body is powering the exercise so that students understand the mechanics behind these techniques and are able to physically execute them as well.

Fusion Technique Fundamentals Arms + Hands Shoulders Isolations Body Region Technique Tools Elements 01:00:33

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Head spotlight by Margeaux on 5/4/16

Thank you for such a wonderful workshop! I could not find a head movements spotlight based on the workshop. Could you help me to find it, please?

Wonderful! by Kristen Page on 12/26/15

I LOVED this! I plan to practice this one regularly. Thanks Ashley!

Megan by Megan on 10/31/15

Thanks Ashley! This is exactly what I've been needing, some attention to the details. It's a great practice.

Response for Viviane by Ashley on 4/18/15

Hi Viviane, Considering your injury, I think this would be a great way to work on upper body technique without irritating your ankle/foot. :)

Suitable for training upper body by Viviane on 4/17/15

Is this class suitable for someone who can't use hips or legs in dance at the moment thanks to an Achilles tendon injury? I so miss dancing and this looks like it might give me a chance to improve other areas of my body while waiting for my foot to heal.

exactly what i needed by kylah on 4/5/15

thanks for this! wonderfully done as always
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