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The Subtle Art: Gravitational Pull of the Earth

Teacher: Tamalyn Dallal

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2017-04-28 23:26:14 2017-04-29 00:26:14 America/Los_Angeles The Subtle Art: Gravitational Pull of the Earth The Subtle Art: Gravitational Pull of the Earth http://daturaonline.com/gravitational-pull-of-the-earth http://daturaonline.com/gravitational-pull-of-the-earth

Video Description: This belly dance workshop will show how to get big, juicy, relaxed movements by focusing on the energy of the earth and working through your feet. We begin by allowing our basic hip and chest moves to spill over our feet, which drive the movement. Those movements will become a combination.

American Cabaret Any Style Technique Fundamentals Improvisation Footwork Hipwork Undulations Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 01:14:34

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love it by sigel hu on 7/15/16

It is easy to take,love it,thank you.

Body Love by Anna on 11/3/15

I am definitely adding this to my playlist!

Misty by Flor on 4/19/15

Relaxed, soft and pleasant to dance. This is a candy-class.

Exquisitely beautiful by Barbara on 11/12/14

I love how you take basic belly dance movements and make them mysterious and luscious.

Finally the class I've been looking for. by Erica on 10/15/14

This is EXACTLY the kind of foundational dance and body awareness training I've been craving in belly dance classes. Datura gets it right. Thank you, Tamalyn.

Impressive by Dawn on 9/10/14

Every time I experience one of Dallal's classes, I'm really blown away. Truly exceptional.

Ms. by Sherine on 5/19/14

Incredible & in-depth approach to dancing!
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