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Goldmine: Bold Vintage Cabaret Movements, Class #1

Teacher: Sedona Soulfire

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2017-07-25 05:47:19 2017-07-25 06:47:19 America/Los_Angeles Goldmine: Bold Vintage Cabaret Movements, Class #1 Goldmine: Bold Vintage Cabaret Movements, Class #1 http://daturaonline.com/goldmine-class-1 http://daturaonline.com/goldmine-class-1

Video Description: This workshop is inspired by the bold and beautiful movements of American Belly Dancers of the 1960's, 70's, and 80's. We will breakdown and drill the Camel with a twist, Lee Ali Hip lifts, Toe Toe Sit, Step Shift Pose, Forward Wheel, Yin Yang, Cyclone, and Body 8's with Level Changes. This American Cabaret style class includes a short warm up and brief cool down.

American Cabaret Classic & Egyptian Technique Hips Footwork Vocabulary Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 01:09:53

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Dorothy by Leah on 6/4/17

I'm doing a personal 30 day belly dance challenge, and I'm enjoying your classes SO MUCH. You remind me of my first teacher a little in your approach.

Donna Syed by Donna Syed on 11/7/16

This is eye-opening. I never noticed the evolution of Am-Cab quite as much as I do now. My local mentors came from the 60's-80's and I began with them in the early 90's. Oh, the nostalgia. And how much I realize how much of it is still in my dance imprint.

Sedona Soulfire:

OH YES! I totally understand, I got the original 70's style AmCab imprint to when I started! Its so vivacious and fun. Glad we are connecting the dots through our dance. Many Blessings!

I love this so much! by Katana on 9/18/16

I am having such a fun time doing this! Sedona knows how to explain it all so well and I feel like I'm getting it!

Sedona Soulfire:

Oh Wonderful, I am glad you are enjoying it! Keep up the good work! It's easy when you are having fun right?!

still fun by Paula Robertson on 1/23/16

I still enjoy coming back to revise this, It's a classic :-D

Sedona Soulfire:

YAY!! So glad you are liking it! Happy Dancing!

fav moves by Paula on 2/20/15

I've just been revisiting this workshop after nearly a year, & yaaay, I can now keep up with the fast combi drills. Woohoo. I haven't used the Lee Ali Hip lifts yet but I've had fun performing all the others. The body fig 8s & the "step shift pose" (which I call Show Girl) are special favourites but the others are super cool too. Thanks. It took me lots of viewings & practice but it was well worth it. PS: I've recently bought yr Fan Veil DVD. That's awesome too :-D

Love it! by Daisy on 11/16/14

I decided to try cabaret style after I did your basic belly dance class and I've fallen in love with it! Most of the movements I feel like I can't do yet so I'm just gonna keep drilling until my body has that ah ha moment! I've only been dancing for 10 minutes anyway so I need to practice. I can't quite do undulations even but I keep drilling the isolations until it's in my muscle memory. You're a great teacher!

style by Catherine on 8/3/14

Sedona you are a great teacher, love your soft and patient style

Body 8's by Sedona on 5/24/14

Oh YES! The Body 8's took me umpteen hours of practice practice practice, I think they may be my all time favorite Belly Dance movement of all time!! : )

Great work! by Paula K on 3/9/14

I love the way you are so encouraging. Even when I am watching something like the "body figure 8" for the umpteenth time, I notice another helpful tip that I missed before, so I still feel like I'm making progress! The combo drills are great too - you break them down & count them out so clearly. And you always look so happy that I can't help smiling myself :-) even when I am struggling a bit. Thanks for sharing your joy as well as your expertise

: ) by Sedona on 3/6/14

Thanks Ladies!! Smiles and Sweat - what else could we ask for?

Fab, Fab, Fab! by Didi on 2/21/14

I learn and enjoy so much in Sedona's classes. They are just TOP NOTCH instruction, full of creative and fun ideas, to really give you good skills to pull together for performance and improvement. A very good teaching style also, and a good personality.

I <3 Sedona Soulfire by Shahenda on 12/4/13

I love this class for many reasons. First, I really enjoy Sedona's classes! Her breakdown of the movements & technique makes the learning process easy & enjoyable. Second, it was so cool to get an inside look into the movements I saw my early instructors performing. Now I understand how they did it. Sedona, thank you for sharing your gift of teaching & dance with us. :D

YAY!!! by Sedona on 12/4/13

Thank you so much ladies, I share your sentiments, I had so so so much fun creating and dancing the content for this class, It definitely evokes a huge, cheesy grin on my face as well : ) and yes ~ such a wonderful workout!! I just love the emphasis on the natural curvature of the hips in vintage style am-cab, I find it so lovely and luscious!! Happy dancing beauties!!

Absolute Goldmine by Sacha on 11/24/13

I loved this class so much - so nice to see lots of juicy hip movements in this set - I enjoyed drilling them so much, especially the Step Shift Pose! I was smiling the whole way through - thanks!

<3 x infinity by Raine on 11/19/13

I love this class so much, great movements!

Regen O'Neill by Regen on 11/19/13

this class was so much fun- AND I was sweating 20 mins in. I'll be coming back to this set of moves again, and drilling them with you many times! Thank you so much for sharing!
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