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Fusion Fit: Part 2

4 Weeks | 3 Sessions per week | 28 Videos | Int/Adv


Welcome to part 2 of your Fusion Fit Program! It's time to turn up the heat!

This program was made for two types of people:

1) Fitness buffs - You actually don't have to be a belly dancer to benefit from Datura Online classes...anyone can benefit from a good work out!

2) Dancers - Keeping your body in tip top shape with yoga, Pilates and more traditional fitness routines will support all aspects of your dance! Especially these classes, which were developed with a dancer's body in mind.

The continuation of the Fusion Fit program will delve into our full collection of Yoga, Pilates, strength training, and cardio classes to keep you strong and flexible, no matter what your ultimate fitness goals may be! Made with tight schedules in mind, we'll give you everything you need in an hour or less per session, for just three days a week. We've created these three day practices as our personal recommendation for just one example of a healthy lifestyle practice, but feel free to use the shorter sessions on their own if you only have time for one short tune up per week. It's designed to be repeated, so if you love how you feel after four weeks, keep on trucking! We're here for ya!

During the week the program switches between full classes with one instructor and our special mix and match sessions where we've combined segments of classes from different teachers that compliment each other well to achieve the specific theme of each session.

Please note: This program is designed for people with previous Yoga and Pilates experience. Want a test to see if the level of the program is right for you? We highly recommend taking Ashley Lopez's Basic Yoga and Beginning Pilates workshops. If you are comfortable with the level of those classes then full steam ahead! If you find them a bit challenging at this time, no worries! Just stick with these workshops for a few weeks before trying this intermediate program.

And remember, it's always best to check with your healthcare professional if you have any questions regarding your health before starting any fitness routine.

Now let's get strong!

Fusion Fit part 2

How to Begin

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Practice Tip

For each mix and match session, all videos are in one playlist - one continual class. Click on the playlist link to start your session playlist, OR click on each week in the program navigation bar below for an expanded view, and watch the videos one at a time.

Fusion Fit Part 2 : Week 3

Session 1

Playlist (33:23)

Warm Up for Balance and Core - Quick Aerobic Warm Up - Heart Throb Mini: Jump Squats - Yoga Cool Down

Session 2

Playlist (45:47)

Warm Up for the Lower Body - Built: Lower Body Strengthening Spotlight - Zipper Drills - Cool Down and Stretch 2

Session 3

Heart Throb # 2 (1:03:41)

Halfway done now! Keep up the good work! Are you seeing results in your dance practice or in daily life? Getting lots of rest to balance all the hard work you've been doing? If so, then you are on the right track! We'll start off with exercises for your core, as well as a bit of cardio. This week we'll also focus on lower body strengthening by doing traditional gym exercises with Ashley and doing zipper drills with Rachel to really work those quads! We'll end the week by doing a heart pounding cardio infused belly dance practice with Ashley.

Week 3, Session 1 : Playlist (33:23)

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Warm Up for Balance and Core

This warm up focuses on a few dance and yoga based balancing exercises, as well as a great series of ab conditioning. Perfect for beginning any belly dance practice. This spotlight is from Colette's American Tribal Style "Beginning ATS®: Class 7".

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Quick Aerobic Warm Up

Ashley will take you through a brief warm up designed to get the body ready for dance - focusing particularly on warming up the legs through squats and leg lifts, and the arms, through a simple arm pattern and hand floreos. This belly dance spotlight is from Ashley's "Raq It! Belly Dance Fitness Class".

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Heart Throb Mini: Jump Squats (00:29:59 - 00:30:52)

Get your heart pumping with this cardio mini.

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Yoga Cool Down

Yoga cool down for the low back and lateral muscles. Be sure to use some sort of cool down every time you dance, to stabilize the low back and stretch the sides of the body. This spotlight is from Rachel's "Daily Dose: Arabic Shimmy #2".

Week 3, Session 2 : Playlist (45:47)

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Warm Up for the Lower Body

This warm-up will prepare the whole body for movement and focus on the lower body, including conditioning for the legs and feet.  This exercise is appropriate for beginner dancers to advanced dancers wanting to develop strength in their lower body. This spotlight is from Colette's "Creative Steps with a Classic Twist" workshop.

Learn Belly Dance

Built: Lower Body Strengthening Spotlight

This spotlight is part one of three from Ashley's "Built: Lower Body Conditioning Workshop". This class features 20 minutes of a strengthening warm up flow, focusing on the lower body.

Learn Belly Dance

Zipper Drills

Say hello to your quads in this concentrated Zipper practice. Rachel will briefly describe the Zipper and give hints for knee support. As this movement can be challenging for the knees, please proceed with caution. This spotlight is from Rachel's "Laybacks, Drops, Zippers, & Floorwork" workshop.

Learn Belly Dance

Cool Down and Stretch 2

A simple cool down, which includes spinal twists, hip openers, and hamstring stretch. It's advisable to have padding for the knees. This spotlight is from Ashley's "3/4 Shimmy Variations & Layers" workshop.

Week 3, Session 3 : (1:03:41)

Online Belly Dance Lesson

Heart Throb # 2

This is a high-energy, cardio-infused belly dance workout. This video is designed to challenge the dancer physically and technically. High-impact plyometric and aerobic intervals are interwoven into an intermediate-level belly dance drill and combo session. All exercises and drills may be modified to be low-impact and basic if needed, to accommodate dancers of various physical conditioning and technical proficiency.

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