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Fundamental Finger Cymbals

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This 4 Week long finger cymbal intensive will provide you with a well-rounded practice geared toward helping you understand fundamental finger cymbal sounds, patterns and techniques that can be used for both solo artists and group work.

Your program will introduce you to 4 common finger cymbal patterns found in belly dance: the gallop (or longa), 3-3-7, 3-5-5, and 3-1-3-1-3. You will also learn 3 different sounds that can be made with the finger cymbals: Open, Closed, and Tic. You will develop your finger cymbal technique in several simple combinations taught by Rachel, Colette and Henna that will help you become familiar with musical counts and teach you how to accent movements and the music with your finger cymbals.

The goal of this program is to start you on your journey of becoming a rhythmically intelligent dancer, get you familiar with basic musical concepts, and have you be able to play your musical instrument with skill while dancing.

Everything that you learn will be tested by two comprehensive finger cymbal and dance combinations from both Rachel and Henna, where you will string together all of the basic finger cymbal patterns and sounds that you've learned throughout the 4 weeks.

You will have two practice sessions per week. Pick the time that works best for you!

Each session includes a brief warm up, finger cymbal drills, technique, and a cool down. Each session is about half an hour in length.

For this program you will need a water bottle and finger cymbals. We've also included a printable reference for the finger cymbal patterns and composition you will be learning in this program here.

Fundamental Finger Cymbals

How to Begin

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Practice Tip

For each mix and match session, all videos are in one playlist - one continual class. Click on the playlist link to start your session playlist, OR click on each week in the program navigation bar below for an expanded view, and watch the videos one at a time.

Fundamental Finger Cymbals : Week 2

Session 1

Playlist (35:04)

Warm Up for the Hands and Arms - Finger Cymbals: Basic Technique + Gallop - Short Full Body Cool Down 1

Session 2

Playlist (32:59)

Wrist and Arm Warm Up - Zil Drill Spotlight # 1 - Finger Cymbal Sounds: Gallop - Short Full Body Cool Down 2

In week 2 of your Fundamental Finger Cymbal program we will continue to practice finger cymbal sounds while working on increasing our speed. We'll learn our first finger cymbal pattern, the 3 (or gallop or longa), and practice it at various tempos with the different finger cymbal sounds we've learned so far.

Week 2, Session 1 : Playlist (35:04)

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Warm Up for the Hands and Arms

Tamalyn will lead you through many stretches focusing on increasing the flexibility of your hands. Then she explore wrist circles, hand circles inside and outside, small hand waves, large hand waves, and figure eights with the hands. This belly dance spotlight is from Tamalyn's "Elegant and Expressive Hands and Arms" workshop.

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Finger Cymbals : Basic Technique + Gallop

In this belly dance spotlight we'll learn the most common of the finger cymbal patterns, the three pattern, which has the nickname "Gallop." This unit of odd numbers, like all that we'll be learning in this class, begins and ends with the stroke on the dominant hand. If you're right handed, you'll play RLR, if you're left handed, you'll play LRL. For visual simplicity, the written reference in this class will refer to right-hand dominance. This Tribal Fusion spotlight is from Rachel's "Zil-ionaire : An Introduction to Finger Cymbal Technique" Workshop..

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Short Full Body Cool Down 1

Colette will help you stretch and relax your arms, shoulders, chest, back, hips, and legs in this very short belly dance cool down. A cool down practice, no matter how short or long, is important to lengthen and release any stress in the muscles, quiet your mind, and helps you solidify all the work you just did. This spotlight is from Colette's "Beginning ATS®: Class 8".

Week 2, Session 2 :  Playlist (32:59)

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Wrist and Arm Warm Up

In this short warm up, Henna will take you through several movements of the wrists, arms, and shoulders to prepare your body for dance. She will also give you a few movements to warm up the low back and hips. This spotlight is from Henna's "Raqs Assaya : Folkloric Technique" workshop.

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Zil Drill Spotlight # 1

Zils add a wonderful dimension to any belly dance performance, providing excitement and a celebratory feel while highlighting the rhythms in the music. As with any musical instrument, it takes time to develop a level of proficiency and technique to allow you to play while dancing. This Tribal Style spotlight is from Colette's "Beginning ATS®: Class #3".

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Finger Cymbal Sounds: Gallop   (43:20 - 56:15)

Perhaps the only finger cymbal "pattern" in the Egyptian repertoire, gallop is used in all styles of belly dance. In this segment it is played using three different sounds: open, closed, and tic. The gallop with the three sounds is then added to an arm pattern and a step to get the cymbals and feet in agreement. This spotlight is from Henna's "Egyptian Finger Cymbal Fundamentals" workshop

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Short Full Body Cool Down 2

Colette will take you through this short cool down to help you stretch the muscles and relax after a vigorous dance practice. This belly dance spotlight is from Colette's "Intermediate ATS® : Class # 4".

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