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Classic Egyptian #3: Technique Workshop

Teacher: Henna

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2017-07-25 05:52:12 2017-07-25 06:52:12 America/Los_Angeles Classic Egyptian #3: Technique Workshop Classic Egyptian #3: Technique Workshop http://daturaonline.com/egyptian-technique-workshop-3 http://daturaonline.com/egyptian-technique-workshop-3

Video Description: This Egyptian technique workshop introduces three more movements from Egyptian style belly dance: the camel, the reverse arabesque, and the inside out turn. We revisit the sharki step to add some advanced layers. A few variations will accompany each break-down and we will cycle through some drills to get them into your muscle memory. Finally, the movements will also be danced together in a short combination. This workshop includes a short warm up to get you ready to dance.

Classic & Egyptian Any Style Technique Hips Footwork Vocabulary Undulations Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 01:12:45

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