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Drill Bits: Pop It!

Teacher: Ashley Lopez

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2017-07-22 05:50:32 2017-07-22 06:50:32 America/Los_Angeles Drill Bits: Pop It! Drill Bits: Pop It! http://daturaonline.com/drill-bits-pop-it http://daturaonline.com/drill-bits-pop-it

Video Description: Get ready to move your upper body! This quick 30 minute drill class is fully focused on the chest and ribcage movement. We'll explore chest lifts, drops, slides, shapes and experiment with speed, size, and layering arms and footwork!

Fusion Any Style Conditioning Drills Technique Combinations Shoulders Ribs + Chest Vocabulary Isolations Stretch + Strengthen Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 00:35:21

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Feeling good after this by Jiy Atheris on 6/27/17

Sorry for my leg-laziness... I've followed your class entirely on my chair. Finally, I think it's a good thing for my upper body awareness and it permits me to do a slight return and breakdown to the basics. As always, I really enjoy your musical choice. By the way, you wear a lovely outfit! Thank you Ashley and DO to make this possible :)

Awesome class! by Just a dancing girl on 6/15/17

Thank you DO and Ashley for this awesome class! I loved this so much I actually forgot time while doing it! I loved how different dynamics were executed and anatomy was explained well and combined to practice. I look forward to new classes :) Thank you so much!

Top??? by Rosemarie on 6/15/17

Also.....love your top....may I ask where it's from....Melodia?

Ashley Lopez:

Yes!!! Top & pants are hers: https://www.melodiadesigns.com/

Love these short drills by Beth on 6/14/17

Ashley: You cannot imagine how much I look forward to all of your classes - and when they get turned into spotlights - please keep adding to your creative approach with isolations/drills of different lengths and with different types of music. I hadn't thought to do vigorous chest isolations to soothing Latin.
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