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Dazzling Drum Solo: Part 1

Teacher: Sadie Marquardt

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2017-06-26 17:28:00 2017-06-26 18:28:00 America/Los_Angeles Dazzling Drum Solo: Part 1 Dazzling Drum Solo: Part 1 http://daturaonline.com/dazzling-drum-solo-part-1 http://daturaonline.com/dazzling-drum-solo-part-1

Video Description: In part one of Sadie's "Dazzling Drum Solo", we will begin to learn the first half of a fun and fast drum solo choreography. This is an intermediate to advanced level choreography and you are invited to try this at your own pace and have lots of fun with it. This half of the choreography features dramatic poses, intricate layers and combinations including pelvic boxes and torso triangles, isolated movements and the "Sadie Special". Stay tuned for part 2, which completes the full choreography. Please be sure to warm up before trying this class and give yourself a nice cool down afterwards.

American Cabaret Classic & Egyptian Musicality Choreography Hips Body Region Movement Elements 1:43:54

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Beautiful by Shilpa on 6/1/15

This is a treasure trove.. Thankyou Sadie x

wow by Suzzie on 5/5/15

I can't wait to get my teeth into this one. I suspect this will be a long term project for me... but I'm looking forward to the challenge! Great new addition to your roster of teachers Daturaonline! Thanks! Suzzie

OMG by Shilpa on 4/29/15

omg!omg!omg! <3

what a juicy drum solo class! by minna on 4/23/15

I really love this drum solo class:) I have all Sadie`s dvd`s and I am pretty familiar her technique but there Sadie gives even more details instructions( I think she allways give really good instruction) my opinion:)challenge class but not too difficult and love those flutters!!!also love that Sadie allways remaind you that you can make changes what fit better for you if you want do so.I usually anyways now a days do some changes to choreographies:)Yammy!
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