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Hip Up Study: Datura Style™ Technique

Teacher: Rachel Brice

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2017-06-26 17:32:11 2017-06-26 18:32:11 America/Los_Angeles Hip Up Study: Datura Style™ Technique Hip Up Study: Datura Style™ Technique http://daturaonline.com/datura-technique-hip-up-study http://daturaonline.com/datura-technique-hip-up-study

Video Description: Learning new movement takes lots of repetition, but keeping what you've earned in your body also takes frequent check ins. Datura's technique "studies" are a way to effectively practice a lot of material in a short amount of time to keep your technique clean, strong, and at your fingertips. This workshop covers all the component parts of the Hip Up study so you can learn at your own pace and review as necessary. Rachel will detail Datura Style™ fundamental hip work including hip lifts, hip bumps, swings, and more. You will learn all of these hip movements alongside essential foot patterns and arm pathways. Everything will be combined into a 10 minute Hip Up study practice to create an efficient and strong technique drill.

Fusion Datura Style™ Drills Technique Combinations Fundamentals Hips Footwork Hipwork Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements 1:49:30

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Brilliant! by Patricia on 12/20/16

Such a wonderful start in the day. Thank you!

Gabriella Jaro by tribalgipsygirl on 12/6/16

This has made me so happy! Thank you so much Rachel xox

Debi Ledford by Debi on 11/29/16

Absolutely love this class! Rachel's teaching is so precise. Yes!

This Class Is Brilliant! by Jess Russell-Davies on 11/4/16

This class is absolutely amazing. It is so clearly broken down, the structure is elegantly scaffolded to support and grow you at the same time (which is something that Rachel is REALLY good at), and the whole thing is peppered with timely pointers and little hints and tips that really make a difference, (which I'm gonna call "gold dust"! So, it's peppered with Gold Dust, people!). Even if you are familiar with the existing Datura Studies from having had opportunities to learn from Rachel in face-to-face classes, this DO class is really valuable for grabbing all of those tiny details that may fade with time. I LOVE IT! Eeeeeee! YAY! Studiessss! Thank you, DO...and thank you, Rachel!

Thank you! by Tanya on 11/3/16

Thanks so much for making this practice, I just finished it and love all the juicy details:) I was so excited to see it posted i squealed out loud and scared my husband half to death. Yay!
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