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Daily Dose: Arabic Shimmy #2

Teacher: Rachel Brice

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2017-07-25 05:45:52 2017-07-25 06:45:52 America/Los_Angeles Daily Dose: Arabic Shimmy #2 Daily Dose: Arabic Shimmy #2 http://daturaonline.com/daily-dose-arabic-shimmy-2 http://daturaonline.com/daily-dose-arabic-shimmy-2

Video Description: Get your daily dose! The daily dose is a short, concise practice that has what you need to keep you strong, even if you have a crazy schedule: yoga, drills, a short phrase combination, a focus, and a cool down. This daily dose video is part of the "Arabic Shimmy" series.

Fusion Yoga Conditioning Drills Technique Hips Vocabulary Shimmies Undulations Stretch + Strengthen Body Region Movement Technique Tools Elements Scales Cardio 00:56:32

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Phew! by Brianna on 7/21/13

I'm sweating! Thanks! :)

great workout by Patricia on 7/8/13

this practice makes me happy.

:') by Theresa on 7/2/13

Sometimes you just gotta jump! Life lesson and fab drill, I love you R!

loved it! by Meesh on 11/20/12

I think this is one of my favorites so far! Great workout...always nice to practice things that have gotten a little rusty!

Level changes by Marilia on 8/13/12

Hi Rachel!! Amazing workout! Thanks for that!! During the level changes training, you've said that if we feel in the knees, don't go further, and I totally agree with that. But my question is: how to improve my level changes, if when I go down just few inches I start to feel my knees? I consider myself active, strong and flexible, but level changes are definitely my weak point, and it is very frustrating. Is there any kind of exercise, or even a special class to get better with that? Thanks so much!! Kisses with love from Brazil :)

Great shimmy workout by Claire on 8/1/12

Really enjoyed this class, as I'm not great at 1/3 shimmy on the down (my body just doesn't want to do it!).Drills are awsome. And, fab work out too :) Be ready to be sweaty xx
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